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Senior Software Engineer

Remote, US
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6+ years
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Peter Clark
Peter Clark

About the role

We - Peter, Brendan and Anil, have started this "journey" in late 2020 and have worked together designing, delivering and scaling software and teams at some of the fastest growing companies in the world -- Facebook, Quora, Udemy, Juul and AdRoll. We are a remote-first company with a team of 5 based in the USA and Europe - and we're looking to hire a Founding Engineer who is based in US / Europe or similar timezones. We're well funded by investors that are aligned to our long term vision.

We're a small team of generalists who like new challenges and push ourselves constantly and we're looking to work with engineers who can pick any problem and do their best to solve it. While we don't expect you to have background and expertise in everything, we expect strong fundamentals and most importantly the desire to learn and progress.

What you'll work on:

  • Building customer facing features with everything from UI components to backend features like video infrastructure, billing.
  • Integrating with some of the most widely adopted SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Box, Google Drive, Slack, Segment, Zapier, and many more
  • Improving and maintaining our Journey Editor and Dashboard which are heavily built in React and Tailwind CSS.
  • Improving the codebase by keeping a high standard in code and making sure you cover your code with tests.
  • Adding analytics, monitoring and alerts to make sure we respond to incidents quickly.


  • React frontend utilizing react hooks and zustand for state management
  • UI component library built on top of Headless UI and custom components styled with Tailwind CSS
  • Python / Flask, Postgres and Redis in the backend API layer
  • Chrome extension that allows screen and video recording simultaneously that is integrated with our web application.
  • Hosted on AWS ECS, CI/CD on CodePipeline with tens of deploys each day.
  • GitHub, Slack, Notion, Linear for internal communication

We care deeply about design and quality software. We strive to build a product that look delightful, minimal yet sticky for the recipient. We believe in doing good thoughtful work in an iterative manner.

We look forward to meeting you!

  • Peter, Brendan, Anil

Why you should join Journey

Journey is a storytelling tool designed for the internet age. We've identified hundreds of opportunities to tell better stories: sales, marketing, fundraising, and, you guessed it - recruiting.

Journey is a tool that allows you to combine all sorts of content into one interactive experience. We believe that the future of storytelling looks more like a video game than a slideshow.

We're an experienced senior team (the founders have worked together for 6 years across two companies) that is building a well funded and thoughtful company.

Team Size:10
Peter Clark
Peter Clark
Anil Sevim
Anil Sevim
Brendan Weitz
Brendan Weitz