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Founding Product Designer at Journey

$75k - $150,001 / 0.50% - 1.50%
Remote / Remote
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6+ years
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Peter Clark
Peter Clark

About the role

Be the founding designer for Journey — responsible not only for product design but also branding and overall design direction of the company.

The ideal candidate will share their portfolio with a few specific call outs of work that they feel is highly relevant to Journey. We'd love if you have worked on either a workflow tool and/or a collaboration tool.

Journey is a meta presentation tool that allows you to create sequences of embedded content, such as Google Slides, Loom videos and Calendars in one sharable "app-like experience."

Design is a core value for Journey and we feel this role will have an incredible impact on our business. We feel strongly that Journey will live or die by how good our design is. We're looking for someone that has a high level of craftsmanship and sweats the right details.

Journey is a complex modular and meta product. As such we're looking for someone that is passionate about workflow tools (such as Zapier) and amazing consumer experiences. We understand that finding someone that is amazing at both of these is super challenging, and are willing to work with you (over time) to hire a second designer or design agency to augment your skills to firmly tick both these boxes.

We're a small highly experienced team that has worked together for 7+ years. We intend on growing our team to 6 people (4 today) and then sprinting to $10M ARR. We're well funded by investors that are aligned to our long term vision.

We are a remote team that collaborates with excellent async tools (Notion, Figma, Linear, Loom) and believe in doing good thoughtful work in an iterative manner.

Why you should join Journey

Journey is a storytelling tool designed for the internet age. We've identified hundreds of opportunities to tell better stories: sales, marketing, fundraising, and, you guessed it - recruiting.

Journey is a tool that allows you to combine all sorts of content into one interactive experience. We believe that the future of storytelling looks more like a video game than a slideshow.

We're an experienced senior team (the founders have worked together for 6 years across two companies) that is building a well funded and thoughtful company.