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Why you should join Jovian

Jovian is an online university for data science and machine learning. We run a 6-month part-time data science program where we train professionals with a background in programming, statistics, or analytics to become data scientists. Students learn practical skills, build real-world portfolio projects, and undergo 4 weeks of job readiness training. Our tutors offer 24x7 guidance & mentorship over Slack & Zoom.

Here’s what students spend 600+ hours learning & practicing:

  1. Python Programming (Jupyter, Functions, Classes, Web Scraping, Git ...)
  2. Statistics for Data Science (Probability, Statistics, Hypothesis Testing ...)
  3. Data Analysis with Python (Numpy, Pandas, Data Cleaning & Wrangling ...)
  4. Data Visualization with Python (Matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly, Folium ...)
  5. Machine Learning with Python (Regression, Random Forests, GBMs ...)
  6. Product Analytics and Tools (SQL, Excel, Tableau, Google Analytics ...)

Students solve 10 coding assignments and build 3 real-world projects:

  1. Web Scraping with Python
  2. Exploratory Data Analysis & Visualization
  3. Machine Learning with Python Every student picks unique project topics & writes detailed project reports.

Come join us if you'd like to build the university of the future.

Team Size:6
Location:Bengaluru, India
Aakash N S
Aakash N S
Siddhant Ujjain
Siddhant Ujjain