June is the new way to do product analytics

Go-To-Market hire (#1)

$50K - $100K / 0.25% - 1.50%
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Enzo Avigo
Enzo Avigo

About the role

🌏 Remote - CET timezone preferred

June is the next-gen product analytics for B2B SaaS companies. We provide everything a B2B SaaS needs, from enrichment, to account-level analytics, and deep CRM integrations.

Analytics products are normally technical and intimidating, we're building an experience that is simple and approachable.

This is a glimpse into how we build product, and here are our engineering principles, and how we work overall. We move fast and take initiative. So will you.

This role

This role offers three main missions:

  1. Creating content: Content is what people love about June. It’s what works best for us as it delivers ongoing value that keeps us top of mind. Create world-class content that drives attention on June, and fuels the top of the funnel. Content includes long-form content, social media content, videos (Youtube, TikTok), or SEO. To avoid a cold start, you’ll get the chance to pick a channel based on what you’re already great at.
  2. Supervise content creation: second, you'll increase June’s surface area. For that you'll be working with contractors who can help produce more content. And that can provide skills on domains we're lacking resources (ex: video editing, front end engineering).
  3. Experimenting: Last, you'll be experimenting new channels, and scaling them when they work. We figured out already a lot of things, but we know that 'what worked so far won't work next'. So we're always exploring new channels and looking for what's next.

Are you a creator? A product manager? A marketing manager? A former founder? Whatever.

If you love to put out great content for startups, then COUNT YOURSELF IN!


  • Create world class content using your channel of predilection. Work closely to contractors, and scale our channels.
  • Test, experiment, identify, and diversify the channel mix in a way that will maximize payback. Overall, determine channel market fit.
  • Work closely with the founders on product marketing to drive further product adoption. Improve June's core communication messages.
  • Providing regular monthly performance reports around our growth. Collect and analyze content outcome to identify trends and areas for optimization.

About you

  • You have a track record of creating world-class content and are passionate about it. This content may be long form written posts, videos (youtube, tik tok), or SEO.
  • Ideally you have a community or have built a communities before.
  • You have great attention to detail. You know that polish matters.
  • You have opinions about how startups can better function, and love to share these opinions.
  • You have years of experience growing a business. By driving the go-to-market strategy and execution, or by directly contributing to it.
  • You’re resourceful, like to explore new topic ideas, and don’t stop at the first shot. You can work cross-functionally and manage projects with internal and external resources.
  • You’re curious and optimistic. You believe that with structure and hard work, most things can be figured out.
  • You have a growth mindset - you believe that challenges are opportunities, and you don’t shy away from them.
  • You have experience with an in-house tech company, preferably a startup environment.
  • You have strong communication skills (we're remote). You can communicate effectively both inside the business. And have robust work ethic. You’re highly motivated, proactive, and able to work independently.

About us

  • You'll join Ferruccio 🇮🇹, Vinayak 🇮🇳 , Enzo 🇫🇷 , Adis 🇮🇪, Dan 🇪🇸 and Alberto 🇮🇹
  • We're backed by some of the best investors in the world like Y Combinator and Point Nine
  • You will grow fast and work at scale - we process millions of data points per day
  • You can get meaningful equity
  • You'll ship new features weekly

🎁 Referral bonus

If you think someone would be a great fit, please send them our way. We offer a $5k referral bonus if the person gets recruited and stay 6 months.

About the interview

1. Apply via Bookface or email us at work@june.so If you email us, make sure to put in the title of the email the name of the job

2. Get to know/Intro call of 15-30 min This call is meant to make everyone save time. It's a casual chat, there is not much to prepare.

3. Take at-home assignment You will be asked to create a piece of content for June, as if it would be published on our blog, socials or newsletter. You'll be given a topic and possible formats.

4. Debrief case & Motivation interview Straightforward.

5. Culture fit interview with the CTO Go To Market and Engineering work very closely together at June. This cross-functional interview helps to make sure you'll be able to collaborate smoothly with engineers too.

6. Debrief & Offer Straightforward.

7. Paid week trial (strongly recommended before accepting the offer) We're running a week paid trial at June. This is the best way to figure out if we love to work together in real-world conditions.

About June

The product

June is instant product analytics. We connect to Segment and automatically generate graphs of the metrics companies should track.

Analytics products are normally technical and intimidating, we're building an experience that is simple and approachable.

If you want to give the product a try you can sign up from here and connect your Segment account. If you don't have access to a Segment account reach out and we'll invite you to a test account.

This is a glimpse into how we build product. We move fast, we break things. So will you.

Team Size:6
Location:San Francisco
Enzo Avigo
Enzo Avigo
Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio Balestreri