Universal Autonomous Housing for 1.5B humans.

🪐📈 Growth Marketer @ Jupe!

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Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Jeff Wilson (YCS21)
Jeff Wilson (YCS21)

About the role

👋 Why we're doing this: We’ll make this brief. 1.5B humans don't have adequate housing and Jupe is working towards a long term vision to shelter as many of them as possible. We need a zero-to-one solution for housing, and Jupe aims to be just that. More on the vision with our CEO here and be sure to check out all about Jupe on ourcareers page!

👯‍♀️ Why a growth marketer?

This problem is growing - there are 90 million displaced homeless, refugees, and disaster victims every year. "Affordable" housing is a joke in most major cities. If Jupe is going to win this footrace we have to grow faster than the problem. This is a HUGE challenge. Our growth marketer will jolt us into a higher velocity, starting with our go-to-market outdoor hospitality product offerings.

📈 What will you be growing?

-We've had a TON of incoming interest from customers - now it's time for us (you) to reach out to the world

-Prospect and test multiple growth channels, at lightning speed

-Drive growth in new and unusual ways, we know the classic strategies so we need you to get crazy strange creative

-Set and hit monthly growth goals, with the support of the entire team

-Identify product and marketing changes needed to supercharge growth

🧙🏼‍♂️ About you: We are looking for a superstar.

  • You have a few years of experience in helping start-ups grow and acquire their first few hundred/thousand customers

  • You have experience in identifying and successfully exploiting new low-cost growth channels

  • You enjoy working in an early-stage technology company and having an impact on their entire business

  • You are numbers and product-driven

  • You LOVE talking to customers

🧰 Additional Requirements: Be a good human being or at the very least a nice tourist on the planet.

🚀 Ready to grow something amazing for humanity? This will be one of the first ten employees at Jupe, so you'll be integral to building the future. Apply here and/or write the CEO, Jeff, directly why you want to work at Jupe on twitter @ProfDumpster!

Why you should join Jupe

👋 Jupe is building a hardware and full stack software platform to go after the shelter problem for the world. Our current product is a flat packed structure that can ship anywhere, 15X more efficiently, than anything else on the market and pop up in a few hours. We envision a future where affordable, dignified shelter is available wherever and whenever people want it: whether it’s off-grid housing for people displaced by a disaster or a place to connect with your community in a gorgeous natural setting. If you haven't been there, please first check out the career button on the Jupe home page.

Team Size:4
Location:San Francisco
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez
Jeff Wilson (YCS21)
Jeff Wilson (YCS21)