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Just Appraised makes software for local governments.

UI Developer

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About the role

Salary: $30k – $80k USD +Equity +Benefits (salary dependent on experience + location)


About Us

We're building software to help public servants in county governments save time and money by using AI to streamline processing of real estate sales. This matters because property taxes drive local government revenues and support the services that power society.

We are actively looking for a front-end engineering teammate who is excited about designing and creating products and architectures that are intuitive and effective. Our mission is to bring the best technology to governments so that they can work at the speed of Silicon Valley.

The Role

This is a full-time fully-remote opportunity to join a YC-backed startup founded by Stanford grads. As we are building multiple products from scratch, we need a teammate who trusts her/his gut and can make decisions quickly, has a ton of EQ and most importantly, can contribute code from day 1. The candidate should be comfortable making thoughtful decisions about the technology stack and have the practical skills to build an extensible and scalable product in an elegant way.


  • Design, prototype, write, test, refactor, review, debug, deploy, monitor, and occasionally be frustrated by code every day
  • Motivate and oversee other UI developers’ work to ensure we’re delivering features on time while maintaining high code quality

The role is a good fit if you can:

  • Be comfortable with ambiguity and thrive in it
  • You can take on a meaningful, ambiguous product challenge, learn deeply about how we can best solve it, and collaborate with the team to meet the challenge head on
  • Manage time efficiently and focus on clear goals 
  • Respond with a pragmatic approach towards tackling unforeseen challenges

What We Value

  • Minimum 7+ years of strong experience in Front End technologies: HTML5 , CSS3,Object Oriented JavaScript
  • Strong real time experience in React
  • Knowledge on how to integrate web applications with Restful API’s
  • Experience in developing enterprise web/mobile app in agile model
  • Experience in developing enterprise level responsive web pages or applications
  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and integrate new tools/libraries with ease
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work with different stakeholders effectively

Nice to Have

  • Startup work experience

Our Culture

We are passionate about building a diverse and inclusive environment. We are looking for teammates who care about encouraging different points of view, engaging in healthy debate, and want to work on the hard skills of practicing inclusion on a daily basis.

Why you should join Just Appraised

Our goal is to empower local government employees with the tools, technology, and support they need so they can deliver exceptional service to their taxpayers and feel proud of the work they do for their communities. We contribute by building software to streamline local government tax assessors’ workflows using AI. Specifically, we streamline the change of ownership process for real estate and create more seamless ways for tax offices to communicate digitally with their taxpayers.

For instance, when properties get bought and sold, local governments have to process reams of paper in order to update their systems and perform the analyses necessary to update the tax roll. Our software makes this process 10x faster and much more enjoyable for employees in the tax office to complete, and creates trust and goodwill in the minds of taxpayers.

Just Appraised
Team Size:40
Location:Palo Alto
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Imran Khoja
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