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Founding Frontend Engineer - Contract to Hire

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3+ years
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Vinay Datta Pinnaka
Vinay Datta Pinnaka

About the role

Company Overview:

JustPaid is at the forefront of fintech innovation, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize accounting and financial control workflows. In regions where the scarcity of talented accountants is palpable, many businesses are still constrained by dated tools like Excel and PDFs. This not only overburdens the finance professionals but also leaves company founders in the dark about their expenses. They struggle to gain insights, leading to missed opportunities for smart decision-making.

With JustPaid, we aim to illuminate this financial black box. Beyond our AI-driven automation for data extraction and validation leveraging the latest in Large Language Models (LLM), we offer advanced reporting and financial analytics tools. With JustPaid, expenses and revenues are no longer buried in spreadsheets but are readily accessible at the founders' fingertips, enabling them to understand, strategize, and optimize with unparalleled clarity.

Job Summary:

As a Founding Frontend Engineer at JustPaid, you're not just coding; you're paving the way for a financial revolution. Dive deep into the intricacies of our web-based finance automation tool, powered by NextJs, React, Typescript, React Query, and Material UI react components, and become an advocate for innovation and efficiency in a domain crying out for change.

Our Company Culture:

At JustPaid, our ethos revolves around innovation, ownership, and impact:

  • Direct Ownership: Be more than a coder. Own the narrative of our product, ensuring its alignment with our vision and the needs of our users.

  • Customer-Centric Approach: Engage directly with end-users, understanding their challenges and crafting solutions that transform their workday.

  • Unbounded Innovation: In a world bound by traditional tools, we dare to imagine more. If you see a challenge, create a solution. Your vision is our next big step.

  • Equity Compensation: Your commitment and innovations are pillars of our growth. In return, share in our success with attractive equity compensation.

  • Founder Mentality: Every team member at JustPaid is a trailblazer. Treated as co-founders, your ideas shape our tomorrow.


  • Lead the development and maintenance of our transformative frontend applications.

  • Collaborate with remote teams across time zones, ensuring seamless project development.

  • Engage with customers, transforming insights into tangible features and improvements.

  • Establish and uphold unit and integration tests, ensuring robustness.

  • Define and maintain UI/UX best practices, championing a consistent and intuitive experience.


  • Proficiency in NextJs, React Typescript, React Query, and Material UI react-components.

  • A history of successful remote collaborations and excellent communication skills.

  • An analytical, problem-solving mindset paired with a drive to achieve results.

  • Ability to thrive both individually and as a part of a team.

Tools & Benefits:

  • Access to top-tier developer tools, including Github Copilot and Codespaces.

  • Utilize platforms like Figma to optimize and streamline your development process.

  • Competitive stock option packages, reflecting our mutual journey towards success.

We welcome both US and International applicants. Start with us on a 3-month contract, with a potential transition to a full-time role.

Join JustPaid, where your contributions become cornerstones in reshaping the future of fintech and accounting!

About the interview

  1. Please send your application to careers@justpaid.io
  2. We will follow up with an initial onboarding call with cofounder Vinay
  3. Followed by a technical code walkthrough with the team
  4. Meet the founders
  5. Offer letter

JustPaid’s interview process for senior software engineers involves a phone screen, a technical screen, and a series of hour-long interviews that delve into technical abilities, product thinking, and overall fit. During the phone screen, JustPaid evaluates whether the candidate has a strong interest in startups and whether they have past experience working at or starting one. During the technical screen, we assess technical abilities through a coding exercise(Bring your own code, or we provide our own internal application). The interview process consists of a half-hour to a 1-hour long interview that each covers different aspects of the role, including coding, reviews, debugging, team collaboration, communication, and product thinking.

About JustPaid.io

Team Size:10
Location:Mountain View
Anelya Grant
Anelya Grant
Daniel Kivatinos
Daniel Kivatinos
Vinay Datta Pinnaka
Vinay Datta Pinnaka