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KaiPod Learning

A national network of microschools bringing school choice to every…

KaiPod Learning is a national network of microschools bringing school choice to every community in America. We work with education entrepreneurs to start high-quality community-based microschools to better serve students and their families. As more families stand up for choice in education and as more educators look for alternative career pathways, KaiPod Learning is helping bring microschools into the mainstream.

KaiPod Learning
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Amar Kumar

I am an education entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about helping students learn. I have been a school teacher, a principal, and most recently, the CPO for the largest online learning company in the world. I have devoted my life to finding a better way and a learning model that's more personal, more social, and more effective. My ultimate test for any new innovations are whether they're good enough for my daughter...if that's a yes, then I know I'm on to something!