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KaiPod Learning

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Making online learning more personal and more social

KaiPod Learning works with middle- and high-school students who go to school online. We provide a physical place for these students to work on their classes, to interact with other students, and to get support from teachers. Our founder was the CPO of Pearson Online Schools and knows that despite all the noise around online learning, millions of kids thought it was the best school they ever had! But they *needed* a place to go for in-person support. In our summer pilot, we tripled the rate of academic progress *and* received an NPS of 100. Now, we have 12 pods operating around the country and are supporting 175+ students. After COVID, we will see at least 5 million students opt-in to online learning and we will license our platform and approach to anyone who supports these students.

Jobs at KaiPod Learning

Boston, MA, US / Remote (US)
$110 - $180
6+ years
KaiPod Learning
Team Size:4

Active Founders

Amar Kumar

I am an education entrepreneur who is deeply passionate about helping students learn. I have been a school teacher, a principal, and most recently, the CPO for the largest online learning company in the world. I have devoted my life to finding a better way and a learning model that's more personal, more social, and more effective. My ultimate test for any new innovations are whether they're good enough for my daughter...if that's a yes, then I know I'm on to something!