Keeper Tax

TurboTax for gig workers

First Data Scientist @ Series A Startup

$110k - $165k / 0.10% - 0.60%
San Francisco
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3+ years
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David Kang

About the role

Keeper Tax helps the 60 million freelancers in the US find tax deductions among their purchases. In an analog world, that would mean printing out your credit card statements and having an accountant go through them with a highlighter for $200 / month. With the help of technology, we've delivered that same service in an automated, affordable way to everyday people.

In order to accurately find tax write-offs for our users, we comb through over 100,000 bank transactions and process 10,000 customer text interactions, every day. We use a robust system of ML models to power this pipeline, from basic fuzzy string algorithms to Word2Vec categorization neural nets. As the first data scientist at Keeper Tax, the ball will be in your court to take these systems to the next level.

Reasons you'll love this role:

  • Interesting, impactful problems: Whether you're passionate about NLP, deep learning models, or building for scale, we have it all. The best part is your solutions will have a direct impact on our end users. You won't be building internal dashboards.
  • End-to-end project ownership: At Keeper Tax, data scientists are empowered to own projects end-to-end, from initial hypothesis testing to live performance monitoring to collecting customer feedback.
  • You want to build: you want to deliver new systems you’ve built into production (with the help of engineers). This means writing code, responding to code reviews, and helping out with deployment.


  • 3+ years of experience working within a high-impact data science team. We'll waive this requirement if you can showcase exceptional independent projects you've built
  • Intermediate experience working in Python and SQL. Data engineering / data pipeline experience is a plus
  • Intermediate to advanced technical understanding of statistical & machine learning techniques
  • You are local to the SF bay area or want to move here

Why you should join Keeper Tax

With the rise of gig platforms and the creator economy, more young people are finding themselves getting paid as if they were business owners rather than employees. Keeper Tax is helping this new generation take advantage of business tax deductions. On average, our customers discover extra write-offs worth $6,076 per year!