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Tax software for gig workers

Sr Product Manager

$150k - $150k / 0.30% - 0.30%
San Francisco
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3+ years
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David Kang
David Kang

About the role

About Keeper Tax

  • Keeper Tax is tax software for gig workers. We’re on a mission to put $1,249 / yr back in the pockets of 59M Americans gig workers. We do this by helping them discover easy-to-miss write-offs and then filing their taxes.
  • Well funded, top-tier investors - over $15M raised from investors who also led early rounds at Netflix, Acorns, Canva, and others.
  • Product-led strategy. We save people tons of money and time on taxes, and in exchange they pay us a $168 / yr membership fee. No hidden fees, no ads, and we don't sell data. It’s all about product quality.

About the team

We are:

  • Warm. We are deliberately co-located in San Francisco - with everyone coming into the office at least 2x / week - to enable a strong collaborative culture. We have multiple concurrent book clubs running, eat lunch together for an hour every day, go out to dinner together twice a month, and hold regular offsites where the whole team does something fun.
  • Engaged. We are a passionate group that places high value on autonomy, transparency, ownership, and motivation. We spend a lot of time making sure that everyone has the tools and skills needed to complete their work in a fast and satisfying manner, because it leads to great results and is just a good way to live. Team members from every part of the company have been known to produce their own analytics reports, create designs, update code, call users, and much more.
  • User-focused. Everyone on the team regularly conducts user calls and shares the results with the team, and many of us are former contractors ourselves! This leads us to a shared understanding of user wants and needs that allows us to quickly design and implement changes to the product. We rigorously analyze the results of these changes and share the results in a formal document.

Pictured: offsite in Mexico City after tax season 2022.

The role

You will be the second Product Manager, and you’ll own a massive strategic surface area: all of tax filing. The traditional tax filing software industry hasn’t been disrupted in 35 years. Come help us bring true intelligence, ease-of-use, and personalization to tax filing.

  • Reimagine tax filing with fewer clicks, more intelligence. Traditional tax filing software is just glorified form-filling. Every user who files with Keeper Tax starts by linking a bank account so that we can intelligently personalize the questions we ask and reduce the number of pointless clicks they have to make. We’re just getting started!
  • Work with tax experts to translate even the smallest details into user value. Taxes are really complicated, but every one of those complications is an opportunity to delight our users (at scale!). Smarter audit protection, auto-filing form 843 for late filing penalty abatement, trader tax status benefits, etc - it’s every product-person’s dream.
  • A talented, motivated cross-functional team at your fingertips. Dedicated engineering squads, designers, illustrators, operations managers, data scientists, and content writers - we’re all here to support you in building an incredible tax filing experience.

Want to play around with our current tax filing flow? Click here → select “Employee” and nothing else → create an account → start the tax filing flow.


  • You’ve managed complex products before. 3+ years experience with end-to-end product development as a PM at a consumer software company. Ideally you’ve also managed complex flow-based products such as insurance or loans.
  • Strong user-empathy. You can talk to users, elicit their honest feedback, and synthesize your learnings into actionable insights for the team. You strive to understand everything about the customer’s life. You’ve moved beyond the formality of “user research”. For you, it’s just “talking to customers”. If you don’t have incredible customer intuition & empathy, you'll have a hard time wielding any influence in our org.
  • Strong analytics background. Nothing gets shipped in a vacuum - whenever a new feature is released you’ll be bringing a post-release analytics summary back to your team. You’ll need the ability to combine data with product intuition to systematically identify the most important goals and the best ways for the team to address them.

Why you should join Keeper Tax

Keeper Tax helps independent contractors and freelancers discover tax deductions and file taxes. Help over 250,000 Americans save an extra $1,249 / year (on average)!

Keeper Tax
Team Size:18
Location:San Francisco
David Kang
David Kang
Paul Koullick
Paul Koullick