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Head of Content & Education

$75k - $115k / 0.20% - 0.30%
San Francisco preferred, but remote is OK / Remote
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Any (new grads ok)
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David Kang

About the role

Democratize access to tax advice for a massively underserved community

With the rise of gig work platforms and side hustle culture, over half of Gen Z workers are now getting paid with 1099 contracts. They might not think of themselves as business owners, but they are expected to file business taxes. This can feel incredibly daunting and frustrating, and you will help them navigate these complexities.

Today, most gig workers in the US don’t have access to clear tax guidance. Unable to afford an accountant, these 40-50M Americans struggle to find clear answers to simple questions such as: “Is my phone bill tax deductible?”, “Can I write-off my rent?”, and “How do I go about filing quarterly taxes?”. This gap in knowledge is costing them hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

Tax-related content on the internet today is awful - full of jargon and overly conservative. Here’s an example. In contrast, you’ll manage and grow an “eden” of gig worker tax content that’s easy to read, jargon-free, and designed for Gen Z. Quality over quantity.


  • Manage the blog. 250,000 people read Keeper Tax blog content monthly. You’ll be responsible for growing it, improving the content, and turning those readers into Keeper Tax customers. There’s no need to churn out crappy content -- we have enough “filler” content already written. Your primarily responsibility for a while will be to take existing content, and make it awesome.
  • Grow our “tax guides”. Gig workers come in a lot of varieties: costume designers, freelance writers, photographers, real estate agents, and so on. You’ll go in-depth and research particular communities to understand the unique challenges they face. You’ll then produce guides like this which will be distributed via search engines, communities, and to our existing customers.
  • Manage an email content subscription. Keeper Tax already has 150k subscribers who need to be kept informed of things such as: quarterly tax deadlines, government stimulus packages, and other gig-work-related tips. You’ll manage our email list subscription as a standalone product, with the goal of growing our subscribers, keeping them engaged, and eventually converting them to use Keeper Tax.
  • Integrate content into the app. Our customers love Keeper Tax because it helps them feel empowered and knowledgeable about taxes. In short, we sell expertise. With that in mind, there are lots of places in the app today where providing relevant content would benefit the user. For example, when we ask a customer if a certain restaurant expense was a business meal, we should also give them the ability to read more about what counts as a business meal so that they can more easily make the decision.

Examples of content you’ll be writing:


  • You’re an incredible storyteller & communicator. You don’t need to be a tax or seo expert because you’ll have plenty of specialists backing you up - a software developer, an SEO consultant, graphic designer, tax experts, editors, etc.
  • You’re excited about de-mystifying taxes for gig workers. Taxes can be a daunting subject, and it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. It’s also easy to end an article with “consult your accountant”, and to dump that complexity onto the reader. As our content lead, you’re on a mission to detangle the mess that the IRS has created, and to make it easy to understand for millions of everyday hardworking people. That should get you excited!
  • You don’t have to be a tax or SEO expert. We’ll teach you the basics, and then you’ll have specialists / consultants backing you up. Clear communication will be your key non-delegated asset.

Why you should join Keeper Tax

With the rise of gig platforms and the creator economy, more young people are finding themselves getting paid as if they were business owners rather than employees. Keeper Tax is helping this new generation take advantage of business tax deductions. On average, our customers discover extra write-offs worth $6,076 per year!