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Technical/Content Writer for KeyDB at KeyDB

Toronto, Ontario, Canada / Remote
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1+ years
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Ben Schermel
Ben Schermel

About the role

This is your opportunity to join a fast growing tech startup and become an integral part of our technical team. With hundreds of thousands of downloads a month, and a growing user base, there is a lot of opportunity to make a difference. At KeyDB you will work directly with the founders and dev team to produce quality work to hit the masses. We have hit front page of HN numerous times, and like to produce substantive, quality work that resonates in the developer community. Your work will directly help grow our base & help existing users. At KeyDB you will take pride in the work you do!

KeyDB is the fastest database in the world powering the backend of modern day SaaS and web applications. “KeyDB just works” – we believe in taking care of complexities associated with a highly scalable database to make integration and usage simple for our users. KeyDB is extremely fast and will always maintain a lead in the industry, often being among the first to adapt new tech. We are a multithreaded database ringing in at 3-7x faster than the competition!

We recently went through the YCombinator S20 batch and are growing fast. We are an open source project now monetizing with cloud and enterprise grade offerings. We are looking to hire a technical writer/copywriter to help our devs/SMEs turn ideas & features into interesting/engaging blogposts, and informative/easy-to-read docs.

We are a results driven company that values good work and performance, as such we offer flexible working schedules and try our best to provide opportunity for those who excel.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work with developers & founders in creating biweekly blogposts. These are high quality works targeting audiences on Hacker News, Reddit/programming, and other. These posts are used to generate traffic, improve SEO and shed light into our new features and technical accomplishments. You will work with the dev/SME to generate a quality, interesting blog which will gain high visibility. Devs are not natural writers and we will rely on you to help them turn the great features/ideas/content into something engaging, informative and exciting.
  • Documentation expansion. In order to be able to succeed in this part of the role you will need to understand KeyDB fundamentals and be able to use our database/capable of learning it. This will allow you to have higher level discussions/chats with devs/SME’s to gather the information you require to write documentation.
  • Documentation updating. Pulling in changes from upstream open source docs repositories, updating old documentation, and reviewing for inconsistencies as the product evolves.
  • Duties may expand as the role grows. There is a lot of opportunity for those who perform and become a natural fit to the role.

Required Skills

  • Should be able to research and expand on technical concepts related to our database
  • Is aware of tech/software blogs (HN/Reddit/etc) and the community we are targeting
  • You should be able to ‘speak tech’, ie have a conversation with our developers and technical staff without the need to look up every word/concept/etc. We don’t expect you to know everything, but you will need to know enough to fill in the blanks on your own and ask the right questions.
  • Must have a track record of technical writing. Sample works/portfolio should be included
  • Is able to understand technical audiences and write exciting and engaging technical material that relates. You will need to understand how KeyDB would fit into a users tech stack as well as the use cases.
  • The ability to navigate Linux & command line to interact with the database and follow basic setup, configuration, etc. This is essential in making accurate instructions, and growing your understanding of our product.
  • You will be writing all content in markdown syntax which is easily learnt. You will be using git for version control within the docs repo ( as well as other private repos.
  • Please see our documentation ( and blogposts ( to get an idea of the type of materials you will be generating

Other Skills that would be considered an asset

  • Past work with databases (SQL/NoSQL)
  • Has worked for a tech company in the past
  • Previous work with Redis is a huge asset
  • Any other basic programming skills or ability to learn/understand them is an asset. There is a large amount of programming languages that support KeyDB providing a lot of area for technical content to be written.
  • Degree in computer science or other. If you have a git repo please share


We are currently fully remote, however as covid restrictions let up we plan to move back to Toronto on a part time basis (2 days/wk) for collaboration/overlap. Ideally the candidate can occasionally commute to Toronto for collaboration meetings. Remote applicants will still be considered, but will need exceptional communication skills to compensate.

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Why you should join KeyDB

Join the team behind KeyDB - The open source database powering the next generation of applications on the web. We believe in writing fast and efficient software that helps people get work done. If you've caught yourself optimizing for that last ounce of performance you'll be at home here on the KeyDB team.