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Toronto, Ontario, Canada / Remote
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Any (new grads ok)
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Ben Schermel
Ben Schermel

About the role

In this opportunity you will be working alongside the company’s founders to develop and support a number of applications core to our product distribution. You will learn and grow at a rapid pace as you become involved in some internal and public facing projects.

In this role you will be continually challenged, “creating” more than you will be “maintaining”. The work you create will be used by a lot of people and you will take pride in the work you do!

KeyDB is the fastest database in the world powering the backend of modern day SaaS and web applications. “KeyDB just works” – we believe in taking care of complexities associated with a highly scalable database to make integration and use simple for our users. KeyDB will always maintain a lead in performance in the industry, often being among the first to adapt new tech. We are a multithreaded database ringing in at 3-7x faster than the competition!

We recently went through the YCombinator S20 batch and are growing fast. We are an open-source project now monetizing with professional and enterprise grade offerings. We are building out our core development team enabling us to increase our operating momentum in the marketplace.

Duties and Responsibilities:

This job will have you involved in a number of projects surrounding KeyDB, with the main initial focus on our fully hosted cloud service, KeyDB Cloud. Responsibilities may include:

  • Creating customer facing API for the platform, work on developing standards
  • You will become very familiar with various AWS services/SDKs/etc for automated deployment infrastructure. We will expand into other cloud providers as well within the next year
  • Integrating VPC peering options
  • You will work on some front end development/integration in .Net/c#/blazor
  • Working with several API’s (Stripe, AWS, etc) including our own as you develop new options and features
  • Work with and create different monitoring tools for our services, as well as database configuration
  • Help in the creation and support of external open source libraries and clients that support KeyDB
  • You will be creating documentation on features you develop and may be expected to write occasional blog posts as applicable
  • You will need to help support customer issues that arise with the platform, and pull in other developers as needed when KeyDB issues arise. This will have an on-call component to it.
  • You will help deploy code to production environments, develop testing protocols and automation, and have a high degree of ownership an responsibility for our cloud platform.

We are willing to invest in our A players. As such we don’t have a specific “# years experience” as it doesn’t always reflect one’s abilities. If you believe you are up to the task and can prove it, we encourage you to apply.

The ideal candidate will possess the following attributes:

  • You should have the ability to multitask and oversee multiple projects with little to no oversight
  • Have the ability to self-learn new languages/concepts and technologies quickly.
  • Required proficiencies: Linux, Python, BASH, API use and development,
  • Preferred proficiencies: understanding of AWS services/SDK, understanding of networking and security, some C# & .NET framework (for Blazor), some C/C++ for KeyDB interaction would be a plus, experience working with databases
  • Be a high performing individual and self-starter. We are a results oriented company that is lean and efficient and as such offer freedom and flexibility to those who perform.

Location & Working Hours:

We are currently looking for one candidate that will work with us out of Toronto (Canada), and the other candidate will be fully remote and operate out of a different timezone to help offset after hours support requirements for all parties. The Canadian dev will need to commute up to a few times per week into the Toronto office for collaboration with the team (once covid requirements loosed).

We do not have specific working hours, and are quite flexible on schedules as we too are developers and believe you operate the best when you manage your own time. That being said, we will all have dedicated, alternating 'on-call' schedules that you will need to be available for in case of customer emergencies. As the platform grows we plan to hire dedicated support staff to keep the majority of your time spent developing.

Applying to the Role:

If you have a good argument as to why you would best be suited to this environment/role, please include it in your coverletter/resume.

If KeyDB looks like a good fit, we look forward to meeting you! Joining the KeyDB team will enable you to put your skills to use and grow your abilities at a rapid pace in an exciting and fast growing company.

Why you should join KeyDB

Join the team behind KeyDB - The open source database powering the next generation of applications on the web. We believe in writing fast and efficient software that helps people get work done. If you've caught yourself optimizing for that last ounce of performance you'll be at home here on the KeyDB team.