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Senior Backend-Leaning Full Stack Engineer at Keyri

$100k - $180k / 0.40% - 1.00%
Job Type
3+ years
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Zain Azeem
Zain Azeem

About the role

This senior backend-leaning full stack engineering position is an opportunity to join a fast-growing startup at the ground floor. You will have a significant impact in our engineering culture, SOPs, and product trajectory. We are looking for an individual that is comfortable in an interdisciplinary role (with particular backend expertise) and can contribute to the future of authentication with a passion for bulletproof security, elegant code, and developer ease of use.

  • Build and improve our APIs so that they are scalable, performant, and intuitive
  • Own the architecture and development of system components to improve monitoring, alerting, and stability with compliance, with security in mind
  • Iterate on our developer portal to make other devs' lives easier
  • Have full agency to launch new initiatives

We are looking for someone who has

  • Proficiency in public key cryptography concepts and practical application
  • 4+ years of experience working in JavaScript/Node.js
  • Strong foundation in API design, distributed system design, and backend implementation
  • Deep knowledge of authentication standards and best practices
  • Experience with Docker, AWS, and other devops stuff


  • Experience linking up your backends with mobile apps
  • Experience with backend frameworks / environments other than Node (e.g., Django, Flask, Spring)
  • Experience with Wordpress
  • Experience building and publishing open-source stuff


  • Flexible work hours
  • Top-tier medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Unlimited PTO

Why you should join Keyri

Keyri makes multifactor authentication easy and secure in mobile-first applications. We make a library for mobile apps that, in conjunction with our API, allows users to register and login without a password - using just their phone's biometrics. For web applications, our system enables "sign-in-with-QR" functionality.

We are a security company at heart and believe that a smooth UX is fundamental for ensuring security in the real world.

Our company is well-funded and is working with large financial institutions to serve their millions of users. We are committed to maintaining a culture of excellence, respect, and healthy work-life balance.