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Kingdom Supercultures

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New foods with microbes

Kingdom Supercultures designs novel microbial cultures that make it easy for food manufacturers to create exciting new foods. We've developed the world's first 0-calorie fermented sodas, beers with entirely new flavors, and novel plant-based dairy replacements.

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Kingdom Supercultures
Team Size:8
Location:New York

Active Founders

Kendall Dabaghi

I'm a co-founder of Kingdom Supercultures. Previously, I co-founded two consumer tech startups that were acquired by public companies (ArmorHub in 2014 and A Plus in 2016). In my life I've dealt with a set of health issues related to my microbiome, and returned to Columbia in 2016 to develop expertise as a microbiome/machine learning researcher. I deferred my PhD at MIT to co-found Kingdom in 2019.

Ravi Sheth

I'm a co-founder of Kingdom Supercultures. I received my PhD from Columbia supported by Hertz and NSF fellowships, and published 8+ first author papers in the microbiome and genomics fields (Science, Nature Biotech, Nature Methods, and more). I also spent time at the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation working on childhood malnutrition, and co-founded a edtech company in college (STEAMtrax) that was acquired by a public company.