Instacart for India

Founding Frontend Engineer

$20k - $60k / 0.05% - 0.70%
Mumbai, India / Remote
Job Type
1+ years
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Aadit Palicha
Aadit Palicha

About the role

Primary Responsibilities

As a founding engineer, you will be working very closely with the founders and lead end-to-end development. We’re looking for people who can

  • Design and implement multiple large-scale mobile applications with React-Native in a lightning-fast environment

  • Write native Android and iOS code to write bridges whenever required

  • Design and set up continuous integration and delivery of the mobile applications

  • Mentor and guide junior developers

What We're Looking For

  • Proficiency with React Native and ES6 features is mandatory with a minimum of 1.5 years of experience

  • Experience in developing and delivering a large scale application before with React-Native

  • Ability to work through new and difficult React Native issues and contribute to libraries as needed

  • Firm grasp of the JavaScript language and its nuances, including ES6+ syntax and Typescript

  • Experience with modern testing frameworks (Ex.-Jest, react-testing-library)

  • Development experience with other mobile technology - Android and iOS is a plus

Why Work Here?

Besides the experience, excitement, and career boost that comes with working at a rocketship Y Combinator startup, there are also major hard benefits to joining KiranaKart. We offer a competitive salary and equity compensation with significant upside.

We are looking for someone that dreams of disrupting an industry instead of working at a large corporation for 25+ years. You would be building and making product decisions that will impact hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of real users.

In the process, you will be able to build strong connections with investors, successful founders, and mentors. These relations would be incredibly helpful to anyone with aspirations to be a startup founder in the future.

Why you should join KiranaKart

KiranaKart is Mumbai’s fastest-growing instant grocery delivery app with plans to expand nationally soon! We’re building a better model in this space with faster deliveries, stronger unit economics, and 100% inventory accuracy.

We’re a Y Combinator startup, backed by Nexus Venture Partners and some of the most respected investors in Silicon Valley and India and have raised 7-10 million USD (currently in stealth mode).

Our founders are former Stanford students who returned to India once KiranaKart started taking off. Besides a bunch of credentials, we’re young, ambitious, and we get shit done quickly. We're now building a new product from scratch and recruiting rockstar engineers & designers to join our core team.