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Founding Fullstack Engineer at Kitemaker

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3+ years
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Sigurd Seteklev
Sigurd Seteklev

About the role

Kitemaker is building a collaboration tool that replaces traditional issue trackers and project management tools. Helping teams have a healthy development process and build better products is our passion. Our goal is to create the fastest, most user-friendly product development tool in the market.

This is a unique opportunity to join a funded early-stage startup and have a massive impact on our product, culture, and direction. It's a lot of work and a roller coaster ride. But if you are up for it, you can join us in replacing a bunch of tools teams hate using and have a significant impact on our customers.

We're supported by some of the world's leading investors, including Y Combinator, EQT Ventures, and a bunch of amazing angels.

About the job:

  • Code on the core Kitemaker web application. Our tech stack is TypeScript top-to-bottom, React on the frontend, Node on the backend. We use GraphQL for our APIs, Electron for our desktop apps and we run on GCP.
  • Improve our integrations and help develop new ones. We currently integrate to GitHub, Slack, Discord, and Figma.
  • Further develop our GraphQL API to allow developers everywhere to build amazing things on top of Kitemaker.
  • Help us make our application scale to bigger organizations. Keep things super fast while supporting larger and larger teams.
  • Deploy, run and monitor the things you build. We ship often and we want to ensure that things run smoothly for our users at all times.
  • Help make Kitemaker fully accessible so any user can adopt it.
  • Improve the developer experience of working on Kitemaker for the engineers that join after you.
  • Play a key role in establishing Kitemaker as the industry-leading collaboration tool for product development.
  • Work cross-functionally with product, marketing, and design to deliver the best possible product for our users.

What can make you a great candidate:

  • Experience working with JavaScript/TypeScript for both frontend and backend development. Major bonus points for having built an offline-first app with ServiceWorkers, IndexedDB, etc.
  • A history of building great web apps with React.
  • Experience developing backend APIs. We use GraphQL, but it's ok if you've never used it before.
  • A passion for making things run fast. You can't stand it when software is sluggish and you've got experience chasing down performance issues.
  • An ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality. We're deploying lots of improvements every week and we value small, incremental changes over massive pull requests.
  • Experience working with GCP, AWS or Azure.
  • An ambition to learn new tech and parts of the stack. We're a small team, so we want people who aren't afraid to jump in wherever they're needed.
  • A track record of working closely with design to nail the experience for users.
  • Experience developing mobile apps, either natively or with ReactNative or Flutter is a bonus.

What we look for in people:

  • A self-starter mindset mixed with deep enjoyment of collaboration.
  • A passion for listening and learning from users; at Kitemaker, everyone talks to users.
  • An appreciation for others' feedback to help you improve in your role, the way you work, and how you work together as a team.
  • A desire to work closely with and mentor more junior team members.

Diversity is essential for us, and we strive to create a culture where everyone can feel at home regardless of who you are and your background.

Why you should join Kitemaker

Kitemaker builds a faster and more collaborative Jira alternative. We build the natural place to where design, engineering, and product managers collaborate.

It's super fast, has a lot of hot keys, and we put an emphasis on a clean and well designed user interface.