Automating wealth creation for 400M Indian millennials

Senior Mobile Developer (Flutter)

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6+ years
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Komal Kumar Gupta
Komal Kumar Gupta

About the role

Job Description:

-Previous mobile app development experience using the Flutter framework and DART programming is essential

-Minimum 2 years of experience with Flutter is required.

-Experience with Material Design and Android UI design principles, patterns and best practices

-Solid understanding of mobile app design patterns like - MVC, Delegation, Singleton, Factory, Adapter

-Experience with third-party libraries and API integration experience is essential.

-Strong knowledge of Design patterns and good UI design ability

-Usage of tools and techniques related to code analyzers, layout inspector, performance view, memory view, multithreading, networking & Security etc.

-Creating and using Dart and Flutter packages and plug-ins, Flutter widgets, State management (Provider, BLoC etc.)

-Dynamic form building experience is essential

-Should have good experience of Agile scrum process and ceremonies and be able to provide the required reports

-Experience in JIRA/Azure DevOps/Rally and GIT/GitLab/TFS anyone is required

-Diagnose performance issues, fix bugs (including crashes and ANRs) to increase the functionality of the application

-Excellent Communication Skills and strong problem-solving skills

-Performance optimization is required

Why you should join Koshex

Automating wealth creation for 400 million Indian millennials with data-driven insights around their day to day finances to save more and invest well. Koshex is designed around an individual rather than an industry.

Team Size:9
Location:Bengaluru, India
Akash Agrawal
Akash Agrawal
Komal Kumar Gupta
Komal Kumar Gupta