Open Source Metering and Usage Based Billing

Product Manager

€60K - €70K EUR / 0.10% - 0.15%
Remote (ES; PT; GB; DE; IT; FR)
Job Type
3+ years
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About the role

This role is based in-office in Paris, and/or remote in a timezone that is +2/-2h from Paris, France.

The team and your role

We're a team of 10 today, and we’re passionate about Product, Fintech, and the power of Open Source.

Our work revolves around creating a tech-driven metering and usage-based billing application for now. As we process and structure a lot of data and build for developers, we have numerous exciting Product challenges!

As a Product Manager at Lago, you will be a key contributor to the overall product, documentation and design direction of the company. This role requires a deep understanding of public API, interactive applications, excellent communication skills, and experience in product research.


  • Years of hands-on experience in designing and developing interactive applications.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Demonstrated experience in conducting comprehensive product research.

During the first year, as a product manager at Lago, you will

  • Contribute to the overall product, documentation and design direction of the company.
  • Understand customer and community needs and challenges proactively.
  • Conceptualize and propose features and improvements that are shipped quickly while maintaining high quality.
  • Work closely with sr. engineers and other key stakeholders to ensure a high-quality implementation through cross-functional teamwork.
  • Collaborate with designers in crafting flows, prototypes for your designated features.
  • Play a role in hiring and establishing a product and design culture within the company.
  • Innovate and redefine best-in-class software design and development processes, contributing to the creation of an opinionated product.

What we value

  • Passion for solving intricate challenges with best-in-class solutions, always prioritizing a thoughtful Dev/User experience.
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to navigate through ambiguous or unclear situations with confidence and clarity.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and personal growth, fostering a mindset of daily improvement.

The person we are looking for

  • A former engineer with a robust understanding of Product Management or a Product Manager with an engineering background (at least 4 years of hands-on experience).
  • Experience working with lots of data and event-driven environments.
  • A genuine passion for Open-Source: if you've contributed to OSS projects or used OSS tools, let us know!
  • Gain extra points for hands-on experience with an API product or billing project including implementation, enhancement, and maintenance.
  • A real appetite for the early stages of co-creating a product and shaping Lago's future.

Competitive package including equity; Remote-friendly; Regular workations, usually by the 🌞🌊🏄

About the interview

Our typical process

  1. 20-min first call
  2. Technical case
  3. Review of the case with the team
  4. Offer

What we commit to

  • Your time is precious, and we'll do our very best to be time-conscious with yours.
  • If you're open to it, we commit to give you the most constructive feedback as possible on your case, as we are aware it's quite an investment of time on your side.
  • We approach recruiting as a 2-way street, we make offers when we have a strong conviction on the mutual fit: in terms of skills, mindset, cultural fit.

Learn how we think and work

About Lago

We're the open-source billing API for usage-based, subscription-based, and all the nuances of pricing in between. With Lago, you can make your billing fit your pricing and business workflows, not the other way around.

Our Story

We built a custom billing system from scratch for, a 5x Fintech unicorn in Europe. That was not the best use of our engineers' time (it's complex to build and to maintain), but we felt 'trapped':

  • We did not want to hack around Stripe Billing, or Chargebee, or any of the equivalents to customize it: our pricing was a mix of subscription-based and usage-based, and the existing tools were built for subscription-based businesses
  • We did not want to leave precious % of revenue on the table. We resented their rent-seeker approach, and their closed architecture in general, with data being locked in another product. So we went for a home-made billing system, which was far from being perfect.

Lago aims at fixing this problem at scale, with an open architecture by design.

Our Mission

Lago is on a mission to pioneer a ‘Modern Pricing Stack’*, for Product Led companies.

  • Pricing and all its components (billing, payments, invoicing, cash collection, etc.) are one of the most critical business pillars, and are yet to be systemized.
  • Billing and pricing questions are still one of the most common sources of customer support tickets, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Incumbent pricing tools have been built around a “closed architecture” mindset: keeping critical data locked to claim to be the “source of truth”, closing numerous parts of their APIs, only integrating with specific partners to lock you in (e.g., Stripe Billing only working with Stripe Payments), to finally collect a rent-seeker tax on transactions (0.5-1% of revenues). We believe in a more open pricing stack, that interconnects with the company’s internal workflows and systems, with a fairer revenue model.

'* inspired by the ‘Modern Data Stack’ movement (read more here:

Our Values

  • Ambition: we aim big, because otherwise, where is the fun?
  • Progress: we care more about the grit, the steep learning curve, the resilience and creativity muscles, than the current status or where you come from.
  • Humble confidence: we know our strengths and always strive for excellence, but we also know there’s so much we don’t know yet
  • Pay it forward: we’ve all started somewhere, people gave us a hand when we needed one, we don’t forget this, and reinforce this positive cycle
  • Not taking ourselves too seriously: we are ambitious, restless learners and hustlers, but at the end of the day, our health (physical and mental), and our loved ones are what matter the most.
Team Size:12
Location:Paris, France