Open source LLM engineering platform

Developer Advocate / Devrel

€60K - €110K EUR / 0.25% - 0.50%
Berlin, BE, DE
Job Type
1+ years
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Clemens Rawert
Clemens Rawert

About the role


Langfuse is building open source dev tooling for LLM apps based on observability/tracing. We have significant traction, are growing fast. We are looking for a Developer Advocate to help us empower our users in Berlin, Germany.

About Langfuse

Langfuse is building the open-source LLM engineering platform. We help engineers understand how users interact with their LLM applications and how they can improve them. Have a look at our website, our GitHub and especially our technical docs to learn more.

We have raised a $4m seed round from Y Combinator, Lightspeed and General Catalyst. Thousands of engineers use Langfuse to observe, debug and improve their LLM apps. We are now looking for a hands-on developer advocate  to join our team in-person in Berlin, Germany.

What you will be working on

You will be working closely with Marc (CEO) and Clemens (COO) who own Product and GTM.

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and technically minded individual who will own the following broad buckets at Langfuse:

  • Developer Experience: Documentation quality, product feedback, onboarding and customer support
  • Technical Content: Blog posts, Cookbooks and videos showcasing Langfuse its features and integrations
  • Marketing: Communicate to our users and followers through email and social media

The opportunity

You are joining Langfuse early. We will treat you as a core member of the team from day 1 and you will be incentivized as such. You will have the chance to build out our user base and community with autonomy and the full support of the founders.

You will be working on a thriving commercial open source project in public. You may decide to take on manager responsibilities (e.g. in Marketing) over time if you so choose.

Who We Are Looking For?

This is the perfect role for someone that is passionate about devtools and open source software.

The perfect candidate is equally strong in coding and communicating. You will use all of Langfuse and communicate about it with our users. You will

  • You can code and become an expert user of Langfuse. You’re familiar with Python
  • You’re an excellent writer and have a great presence in person and in video
  • You are a hard worker and thrive working in a small and accountable team
  • You are excited about open source software. You want to talk to our users to understand why they use us and what they require.
  • You have impressive achievements from previous careers and from side projects — we’re excited to hear about these!

Bonus Points

  • Experience with or interest in UX/UI design and DX
  • You’ve started a company before or worked at a very early stage startup
  • ML/AI experience

Team, Values & Benefits

You will join our early core team and work closely with the three founders of Langfuse: Max (CTO), Marc (CEO) and Clemens (COO) and our two engineers Marlies and Hassieb.

We work in-person from our lovely office in the heart of Berlin-Mitte. You must be willing to be located in Berlin. We aim for 3-5 days in the office a week.

Our team culture is built around performance and learning. We want to build a small team of highly motivated, independent and intelligent people. We will support and challenge you while granting you a high degree of autonomy.

A few tidbits that might help you understand what kind of company we are:

  • We plan on only hiring technical talent for the foreseeable future
  • You can expect to have ~1 meeting a day on average
  • Reed Hastings’ ‘No Rules Rules’ inspires our culture, here’s a summary
  • We’re big fans of Y Combinator and follow its ethos. We’re a Silicon Valley Startup in Berlin - more here

About the interview

  • Intro Call - Intro, Logistics & Fit with a founder (30min)

  • Second Call - Get to know Product and Tech at Langfuse with a founder (40min)

  • Third Call - Technical Interview: Coding challenge and Systems Design (90min)

  • On-site Super Day (0.5-1 day)

    • We will get together in our office in Berlin and work together on a real problem for a day.
    • This will include discussing the problem, scoping a solution and implementing a solution (or a solution sketch) and releasing it on our open source repo the same day.

  • Decision

We expect you to have used Langfuse (you can sign up for a free account here) and skimmed through our documentation and public content.

About Langfuse

Langfuse is building open-source observability and product analytics for LLM applications. We help engineers and companies understand how customers use their LLM applications and how they can improve on them. Have a look at our website and especially technical docs to learn more.

Team Size:5
Location:Berlin, Germany
Maximilian Deichmann
Maximilian Deichmann
Marc Klingen
Marc Klingen
Clemens Rawert
Clemens Rawert