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Developer Advocate (technical marketer & community builder)

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Any (new grads ok)
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Colin Chartier

About the role

LayerCI helps development teams build interactive websites faster.


A Developer advocate is not a salesperson. Their goal is to learn the state-of-the-art when it comes to scaling software, and disseminate that information to developers. If you work in this role, you will be a technical marketer with a focus on providing value to those that consume your content.

As a business, we want developers to associate our brand with cutting-edge developer tools, whether they are our customers or not.

Ideally, a prospective applicant would check many of the following boxes:

  • Personal social media presence on reddit/twitter/linkedin/... or who has built such a presence for another group in the past.
  • The ability to understand and take notes on complicated systems. We're especially looking for those that have a formal education in understanding the links between components in a complex system.
  • Ability to speak publicly about these topics and answer Q&A about the talk given
  • Excellent teamwork skills - you will not be writing content alone, instead you will be working with developers in our team to find interesting topics and refine them into valuable ideas.

The day-to-day of this role consists of:

  • Maintaining our social media presence on linkedin, twitter, and medium.
  • Collaborating with developers to create guides and technical marketing content.
  • Applying for and attending conferences and podcasts related to software architecture and development.
  • Building out a community of technologists and a mailing list to ensure people consistently consume our content.

Why you should join LayerCI

  • Modern teams often need to spin up fully-provisioned VMs running a copy of their database and backend for every branch.
  • For example, it's super useful to be able to run E2E tests or manual QA against the full stack with a pre-seeded database that has some initial data in it.
  • We provide an OS-level cache automatically so that the repetitive steps (download libraries, start backend microservices, load database dumps) can be reused across runs in seconds instead of minutes.
  • An equivalent solution using a production hosting provider like AWS is significantly slower and much more difficult to set up.