On-demand staging environments + CI/CD platform

Software Developer Intern (Sep-Dec 2021)

$5k - $5k
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Colin Chartier
Colin Chartier

About the role is looking for two Canadian interns to join us for Fall 2021.

As an intern, you'll be allocated a peer mentor (whom you'll meet during the interview) and work with them to learn about DevOps and ship code.

At LayerCI, we're building a distributed hypervisor that helps our customers write better webapps. You'll be exposed to cutting-edge technologies like Web Sockets, Kubernetes, Docker, microservices, virtualization, and more.

We aren't the type of employer that expects interns to be senior developers. All that we ask is that you're excited to learn about DevOps and developer productivity, and that you're a dependable teammate.

Applicants must have authorization to work in Canada (e.g., co-op student work visa, permanent residency, or citizenship)

The interview process

The interview process will take about two hours total:

  1. 45 minute technical (google-docs) interview with your peer mentor
  2. 45 minute technical (google-docs) interview with another developer

Interviews will consist of questions at the first/second year university level, and focus on fundamentals instead of trivia.

Why you should join LayerCI

  • Modern teams often need to spin up fully-provisioned VMs running a copy of their database and backend for every branch.
  • For example, it's super useful to be able to run E2E tests or manual QA against the full stack with a pre-seeded database that has some initial data in it.
  • We provide an OS-level cache automatically so that the repetitive steps (download libraries, start backend microservices, load database dumps) can be reused across runs in seconds instead of minutes.
  • An equivalent solution using a production hosting provider like AWS is significantly slower and much more difficult to set up.