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Senior Product Manager

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3+ years
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About the role

Legionfarm is a globally known platform, where gamers worldwide can play with the world’s top professional players and get better at their favorite games. Legionfarm is looking for talented Product Managers to improve our Product and Product Marketing.

Who’s our ideal candidate?

  • You love games and have spent more than 1000 hours playing them (experience in multiplayer games will be an advantage);
  • You are eager to develop your professional and management skills and support your teammates in this mindset;
  • You consider working at a startup to be a huge advantage;
  • You have at least 4 years of experience in successfully developing a modern digital product;
  • You are able to demonstrate that you can drive the strategy and execution of world-class products, especially business-to-consumer (B2C) products;
  • You have created your own a/b tests, and you can set the goals and measure the results.

What do we offer?

  • Remote work;
  • The flexible start of the day - results are what’s important to us;
  • An incredible team with like-minded individuals who are ready to discuss and consider even the wildest ideas.

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About the interview

  1. In-house Recruiter
  2. Interview with CPO
  3. Team meeting
  4. CEO

Why you should join Legionfarm

Legionfarm lets gamers pay to play with professional players, helping customers have more fun playing, learn to be a better gamer, and conquer difficult parts of video games.

Legionfarm Pros want to monetize their skills by turning their hobbies into real careers. They are the top 1% of players. They have a massive impact on the success of gaming companies - and we want to allow these top players to hold their dream jobs in virtual worlds.

Over the past year, Legionfarm organized over 400,000 gaming sessions with our 7,000 Pros.

Legionfarm provides access to unique entertainment on a global scale while creating new jobs in virtual worlds at the same time

Team Size:75
Location:San Francisco
Alex Beliankin
Alex Beliankin