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Bilingual Sales Representative at Lendflow

Medellín, Colombia
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1+ years
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Jon Fry
Jon Fry

About the role

Lendflow is looking for high-performing, motivated sales advisors who want to join our fast-growing team in Colombia! We are an innovative financial technology company providing technology and services allowing companies to offer financial products to business users through their existing software, website, or platform. We provide sales, onboarding, originating, underwriting, and support for a wide range of financial products including, but not limited to, factoring products, small business loans, and credit lines.


Sales advisors are responsible for the sales and services of the financial products offered by our lending partners. You will speak to business owners to understand their unique business needs and guide them to the best product that suits those needs. Sales advisors must effectively and persuasively communicate to businesses how they will benefit from one or more of the financial products available to them. This requires a thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the various financial products offered by our lending partners.

After identifying the best financial product sales advisors will assist the business in all aspects of the application process and ensure that all required documentation is in place prior to the submission of an application. After a business applies our lending partners will approve or decline the applicant. If approved, you will effectively and persuasively communicate the offer to the business and field any related questions. If denied, you will explain to the business the reason(s) for denial and what, if anything, can be done by the business to increase the likelihood of being approved in the future.

Ask questions to determine the need of a business Understand how these needs can be solved by one or more financial product Explain and quantify the value proposition of the product to the business owner Answer questions about the financial products and the application process Oversee application process and manage the underwriting of new accounts Assist the business in compiling required documentation Follow up with businesses to see if their needs are being met by products they use and, if appropriate, offer additional or different products Renew agreements of existing products as their terms expire Learn the various software programs used in the various onboarding, underwriting, and application process Build and maintain relationships with potential and current customers SALES ADVISORS MUST POSSESS:

Minimum of 1-year experience in a sales-related position. Competitive nature with a sense of urgency in a fast-paced environment Self-motivated individual contributor Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills Strong communication, negotiation, and problem-solving skills Comfortable conducting business over the phone Relentless in keeping deals moving forward Ability to think on their feet Honest and trustworthy Have a consistent approach in each step of your sales process Able to work and produce results regardless of whether they are being supervised Track record of high-level productivity in a results-driven environment Commitment to professional development and open to coaching Fluent in English (C1) AND Spanish. NOT REQUIRED BUT NICE TO HAVE:

Past experience in financial services Experience managing a team COMPENSATION:

You will collect a commission for each deal successfully funded There is no cap on commissions Successful sales advisors often earn multiples of their base salary in commissions We offer stocks for our most exceptional employees.

Why you should join Lendflow

Lendflow provides infrastructure for software companies to embed lending services into their product so they can better serve their customers, expand revenue per user, increase engagement and improve retention.

Lendflow is the easiest way to embed lending services into your product. Companies like Procore, Levelset and Tillful love us because of how efficiently we made it for them to get to market with a best in class lending service that’s tailor fit for their customer base. We provide all the components and support you need to embed lending services, letting you provide an incredible in-app lending experience without committing significant engineering/marketing resources or distracting from your core offering.