B2B content operations on auto-pilot

Founding Growth Marketer

$95K - $130K / 0.10%
Remote (San Francisco, CA, US; New York, NY, US)
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Parthi Loganathan
Parthi Loganathan

About the role

Founding Growth Marketer

San Francisco/New York

$95K - $130K, 0.1% equity

Founding Growth Marketer wanted for hazardous journey. Honor, recognition, and opportunity to become our head of sales or sales manager in event of success. Join us on our expedition!

You have at least 2 yrs of Growth/Marketing experience under your belt at a B2B startup and want to try your hand at building a growth engine. It won’t be easy. There’s no existing process, big brand, or anyone to lean on. Just you working with me, the founder, and a whole lot of moxie.

About us

Letterdrop is a YC-backed seed stage startup. We put content marketing on autopilot for B2B companies across SEO, social, and email. It’s getting harder to sell. Cold emails and LinkedIn DMs clog inboxes everywhere. Businesses need to educate customers and build trust to create sustainable lead gen. The very best companies know this. It’s a LOT of work and tooling that needs to come together to run a successful content marketing operation across ideation, project management, creation, distribution, and analytics. We automate and streamline it all so that marketers can go back to focusing on their customers instead of worrying about tactics and mundane tasks.

Very tactically, here are the top problems we tackle:

  • Webflow CMS We’re the best way to publish content to Webflow sites (we’re a Webflow launch partner on their marketplace)
  • Social Selling We can automate content distribution by your entire sales team on LinkedIn to shorten sales cycles
  • No-BS Writing That Ranks Tools to help you write thoughtful B2B content following sales-focused frameworks and SEO-optimize your articles to rank on Google
  • Seamless Workflows Project management to manage dozens of writers and publish 100+ articles/mo
  • Analytics Automatic alerting to tell you what content needs to be updated for Google
  • Ideation Tools to help marketers understand customers better from sales calls

You’ll be working closely with me, the CEO, a full-time writer to help you scale content, and VA team for data collection and automation experiments. We’ve closed our first 40 customers like fast growing companies like Census, Doppler, Scribe, and CoinTracker, largely through inbound. I was formerly a Product Manager at Google on Search and G Suite.

There’s a demo on our site and you can sign up for a trial if you want to play with the product. Just DM to cancel in 14 days.

About you

  • You are a generalist who can learn fast and execute independently. (I completely understand that marketing is broad with different skillsets, but you’re good enough to start most things)
  • You are metrics driven and can break out spreadsheets to understand whether your actions are driving the lead volume we need.
  • You have a solid online presence on your blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc where you talk about business/marketing related topics. We want someone who practices marketing themselves. You are excited to center at least part of our strategy around quality educational and collaborative content - both written and video. We need to walk the walk as a content marketing SaaS platform.
  • You’re process-oriented. You understand that growth is not tactics, but process. You ideate, prioritize, test, analyze, and create processes to unlock new inbound.
  • You’re metrics-driven. Can you work backwards from a revenue target to figure out where leads are coming from, where to double down, and where to cut efforts. Missing the mark? Where should we invest to fix our pipeline?
  • You’ve got hustle and grit. This is not your mama’s marketing role (though I’m sure she has an amazing marketing org if she happens to be a VP Marketing). This is the VERY FIRST marketing hire at a seed-stage startup. Leads don’t fall in your hands. People don’t know us. All our customers so far are inbound from me, the CEO, being prolific on LinkedIn, but there’s no tried and true playbook. There might be bad days… in fact there are likely to be many of them. But you’re ready to scale Mt Everest, roll up your sleeves, and figure out how to make sure every goddamn marketing team out there wishes they were Letterdrop.
  • You have done this before at your previous job and your manager says something along the lines of “I’ll be working for you one day”.

Who is this for?

  • You want to cut your teeth as the first marketing hire on a small team.
  • You’re not one for defined roles. You’re creative and flexible to try anything and everything to get our ICP to book calls with sales.
  • You’re excited to step up and grow into a bigger role. All marketing to date has been founder-led. In the next 12 months, if things are going well, you can help me build out the rest of the marketing team.

Who is this not a fit for?

  • You can’t work hard right now. If you have other priorities outside of work, being the first marketing hire at a startup is probably not the right move.
  • You need a traditional environment and structure. I’m a technical founder who has learned marketing by building a Martech startup. We’re still figuring out our revenue org. I don’t have all the answers. You’re excited to figure it out with me.
  • You’re not excited about helping other marketers. The nice thing about Letterdrop is you’re selling to marketing teams and we impact pipeline. The problems we solve are very relevant to your job. You’ll have way more fun if you’re passionate about helping marketing teams.

If the above make you even more excited, great! If it’s not a fit, that’s cool too — good to get it out of the way early.

What will you do?

  • You will be jointly responsible for revenue along with our first sales hire as your main KPI.
  • Understand our ICP deeply - their problem, the language they use to describe their problems, where they hang out online and IRL, how to best reach them.
  • Manage a marketing budget to achieve lead goals every quarter. A chunk of it is already allocated to content, but rest is up to you.
  • Become a LinkedIn influencer to bring in leads - you can leverage Letterdrop. We get 70% of our inbound this way today. You’ll be working with a CEO who is completely bought into being a creator and authentic marketing.
  • Making sure we publish quality content - we’re targeting 20 LinkedIn posts across the GTM team, 20+ blog posts, and 5-10 videos per month. We already have the LinkedIn and blog channels running with our writer. You’ll work with the CEO to determine our content strategy (that will be very product and sales focused) and create briefs for our full-time writer. You will use Letterdrop to make this easy.
  • Be an active and helpful member of marketing communities to raise awareness of Letterdrop and problems we solve.
  • Actively identify effective techniques in your workflows around organic marketing that can be automated and make their way into Letterdrop’s product roadmap.
  • Manage paid ad campaigns with advice from our marketing advisor, Adam.
  • Host webinars and co-market with marketers, Webflow/content marketing agencies, and complementary companies in our space.
  • Create landing pages on our Webflow site for campaigns and make copy crystal clear with language that our customers use.
  • Use tools like Canva and Figma to create drafts of assets for our site, social media, and launches. We can get a designer to give you templates and assets polished.


  • Preferably located in San Francisco Bay Area or New York
  • 2+ yrs of experience as a marketer at a B2B company (earlier the better)
  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred, not required)

As a good marketer, you should try to grab my attention. I will pay attention to your copy and how you’re marketing yourself.

Stand out in a good way - no gimmicks, just convince me to pay attention and take a call.

You don't need to add any formalities or a cover letter. I’m just looking for proof that you’re hard working, take initiative, and creative.

Thank you for reading! I’m excited to work with you. 😃

About Letterdrop

Letterdrop helps B2B companies create and distribute 32% more content, faster, and without headaches. We automate and streamline workflows to make content a revenue driver for your business.

Team Size:9
Location:San Francisco
Parthi Loganathan
Parthi Loganathan