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Marketing Manager

$20k - $60k / 0.10% - 0.50%
Berlin, Germany
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Suela Palushi
Suela Palushi

About the role

Join as hire #7 at a YC and VC-backed SaaS startup marketing to other startups.

About you

You can write English fit for publication with little effort. You know how to "simplify then exaggerate" to produce compelling stories in written form. You enjoy seeing your name "in print".

You love learning, and get bored with repetitive job roles quickly. You're curious about how all kinds of things work and interact with each other. You prefer to find tools and automation systems for solving repetitive tasks. You feel a strong sense of ownership of your work, and feel restless when tasks are blocked or delayed. You pay attention to using your time efficiently because you know your own potential and resent inefficiency.

You are emotionally intelligent and able to read people well enough to sometimes influence the course of their thinking. You recognise the psychological power of words upon yourself and others, and deploy language thoughtfully in professional communications.

You recognise that code is law, and have enough understanding to manipulate HTML, CSS, and Javascript snippets. You enjoy the power that nurturing software skills gives you.

Must haves

  • Located in Berlin for on-site work
  • Availability at least 3 days per week
  • Bi-lingual or native English proficiency
  • 1+ years regular English copywriting experience
  • Basic web programming skills
  • Basic data manipulation skills, ideally some SQL
  • An University-level degree
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Evidence of entrepreneurship

Nice to have's

  • Masters degree in Management or Business Administration
  • Familiarity with GTD
  • Front-line sales experience
  • Content marketing experience
  • Experience with Agile / Scrum methodology
  • Spreadsheet mastery
  • Linux desktop or server experience
  • Familiarity with self-compassion

Role responsibilities

Junior Marketing manager

  • Managing social media channels
  • Executing a rebrand of digital properties
  • Outsourcing design work: sourcing and managing contractors to project completion
  • Writing content for company blogs and co-branding partnerships
  • Organising webinars to be hosted by your colleagues to generate sales leads
  • Setting up and managing basic marketing automation software
  • Regular reporting on marketing efforts to the rest of the company

Executive Assistant

  • Organising and processing payments to contractors
  • Scheduling occasional meetings with complex requirements
  • Reviewing contracts and legal agreements from suppliers and partners
  • Facilitating internal company organisation and communications
  • Assisting accounting with organising company payment information
  • Assisting with travel arrangements e.g. finding and booking venues and accommodation
  • Sourcing and managing contractors for data processing work if it can't be automated
  • Identifying opportunities for removing inefficiencies and proposing remedial processes, systems, or software

About the interview

The process is split over three primary conversations, usually taking place over one to two weeks.

Meeting 1: 30 minute initial call to touch base and check skills and interpersonal basics. We'll ask about your experience and communication preferences.

Meeting 2: 30 minute meeting going deeper into themes from the first meeting, followed by a live copywriting exercise. You'll be given a simple prompt to complete in around 10 minutes to show off your creative writing skills.

Meeting 3: 60 minute meeting with final questions about anything that came up previously, plus an introduction to projects you'll be working on during your first 3 months at Lightmeter, followed by a "reality check" presentation from the company to align expectations about day-to-day experience at the company.

Meeting 4: Offer details discussion and negotiation - by this point everything else is settled except your start date and benefits!

Why you should join Lightmeter

Lightmeter is SendGrid for salespeople - the first email delivery network just for sales. It integrates with sales apps like HubSpot and Salesforce, and gets outbound email into inboxes, instead of going to spam.

We built an Open Source mailserver automation system, and peer network for exchanging data to help independent mailservers deliver. Our last company was an Open Source Mailchimp, sending billions of emails each month.

Email connects startups to 85% of adults worldwide - sales over email makes innovation possible, and builds unicorns. We use email's Open Standards and our own Open Source to get new ideas in front of the relevant buyers.

Team Size:5
Location:London, United Kingdom
Suela Palushi
Suela Palushi
Leandro Santiago
Leandro Santiago
Sam Tuke
Sam Tuke