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Lead DevOps Systems Engineer

$70k - $120k / 0.20% - 1.00%
Berlin, Germany
Job Type
6+ years
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Suela Palushi
Suela Palushi

About the role


  • Professional email infra management experience
  • Located in Berlin for onsite or hybrid working
  • 6+ Years professional technical experience
  • Excellent English (written and verbal)

About you

You're part DevOps, part SRE, all curious. You are a versatile technical leader, with strong opinions on how software should be organised and managed. You worry about security and performance, but not often, because automating complex systems gives you deep satisfaction. You're excited to be employee #6 in a daring salestech startup. You like working with sharp, creative people, and look forward to working with, and recruiting new team members as the company grows. You invest time to manage yourself and your emotions to stay productive and playful in the face of daunting challenges of scope and scale.

About this position

Experiment, automate, monitor, and repeat. That's how we've built the world's highest performance sales email delivery network with a tiny talented team. On the way, we researched every mailserver on earth and mapped them all here, FYI:

You will own infrastructure and networking within the company. You will advocate passionately for all that this represents, demanding resources and support from other roles / departments where necessary. You will make the final decisions for these areas of responsibility. You will choose and deploy new systems (or outsource this where appropriate), and be responsible for their proper function as determined by the expectations you've communicated to the rest of the company.

You'll design and deploy automation systems to extend and improve our email delivery network across a variety of hosting companies and service providers. You'll work closely with Leandro (Engineering), Cesar (Operations), and Giovanni (Data) to creatively scale services and networks to meet customer needs, identify new ideas for service offerings, and help reverse-engineer the monolithic tech giants that have come to dominate global email.

You will make executive decisions on a daily basis, which will often be challenging as you will rarely have all the information you'd like to do so. You will be required to factor-in business impact to your decision making, and expected to let quantitative outcomes guide your thinking. You will recruit new team members to support you when you can demonstrate that they will support company growth.

What we're looking for

Technical skills

  • System programming with a language like: Golang, Rust, C, C++, or Java
  • DNS and network infrastructure
  • firewalls
  • TCP
  • HTTP protocols and servers
  • TLS
  • webservices scripting (e.g. REST)
  • Postgres
  • Docker
  • Reverse proxies (e.g. Traefik and Apache)
  • Git
  • Load balancing
  • Automated network monitoring
  • CI/CD (e.g. GitLab CI)

Additional "nice to have" skills

  • SMTP (e.g. protocol and DSN)
  • IMAP (basics)
  • Postfix (setup, scripting, automation)
  • Dovecot and milters
  • DKIM
  • SPF

Personal skills

  • Clear communication of complex concepts
  • Leadership experience, including managing others
  • Rapid design and testing of new technical concepts
  • Interest in writing short and effective documentation
  • Brainstorming creative solutions as a team
  • Critical thinking under pressure
  • Sense of humour 😁

About the interview

The process is split over three primary conversations, usually taking place over one to two weeks.

Meeting 1: 30 minute initial call to touch base and check technical and interpersonal basics. We'll ask about your experience with a variety of technologies, technical concepts, management methodologies, and communication preferences.

Meeting 2: 60 minute live working session where you'll be given a challenge and access to a suitable environment, and asked to get as close to solving it as possible. The bad: working live and unprepared is stressful. The good: the time cost to you is limited to 1 hour, and we get to experience how we each handle working under time constraints while communicating about a concrete technical challenge (you get a sense of our competence too).

Meeting 3: Final questions about anything that came up previously, plus an introduction to projects you'll be working on during your first 3 months at Lightmeter, followed by a "reality check" presentation from the company to align expectations about day-to-day experience at the company.

Meeting 4: Offer details discussion, and request for references. By this point everything else is settled!

Why you should join Lightmeter

Lightmeter is SendGrid for salespeople - the first email delivery network just for sales. It integrates with sales apps like HubSpot and Salesforce, and gets outbound email into inboxes, instead of going to spam.

We built an Open Source mailserver automation system, and peer network for exchanging data to help independent mailservers deliver. Our last company was an Open Source Mailchimp, sending billions of emails each month.

Email connects startups to 85% of adults worldwide - sales over email makes innovation possible, and builds unicorns. We use email's Open Standards and our own Open Source to get new ideas in front of the relevant buyers.

Team Size:5
Location:London, United Kingdom
Suela Palushi
Suela Palushi
Leandro Santiago
Leandro Santiago
Sam Tuke
Sam Tuke