SendGrid for Salespeople

Customer Success Lead

$70k - $120k / 0.20% - 1.00%
Miami, FL / Berlin, Germany / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Sam Tuke
Sam Tuke

About the role

Must haves

  • Located within the USA, or have US work authorisation and able to relocate
  • 5+ Years professional experience
  • 2+ Years experience in a customer-facing role
  • Near native or native English communication skills
  • Experience designing and executing new processes
  • Experience gathering and using data to make business decisions
  • Sense of humour 😁

Nice to haves

  • Experience supporting technical SaaS
  • Growth-stage startup experience
  • Experience in a Sales-tech or Martech business
  • Experience with email outreach, marketing, or other deliverability
  • Front-line sales experience

About customer success at Lightmeter

We enable the most crucial part of B2B businesses: their revenue. Our customers love us for the results we enable them to deliver and the excitement that generates.

We're not a product company: Lightmeter is a delivery service that feeds customer sales funnels, day in, day out. Startups and salespeople depend on us to hit their targets each week. Customer success for them most often means high email open and reply rates, and ultimately won sales attributable to email delivered by Lightmeter.

Our customers choose both sales message content and target audience. Therefore their sucess is function of the partnership between their sending behaviour, and our premium delivery service. And that provides rich opportunities for us to influence their practices to achieve commercial performance beyond their expectations.

What you'll do

  • Design rewarding customer experiences that scale
  • Collaborate with operations, sales, and engineering to build necessary supporting systems
  • Onboard and activate new customers
  • Provide customers with direct support via multiple channels
  • Create and manage educational resources, including webinars and knowledgebase
  • Champion customer happiness in internal meetings

Your Role

  • Delight customers: Play a pivotal role in managing customer relationships through friendly onboarding calls and answering questions via email, video, and phone
  • Identify upsell opportunities: Unlock revenue by discovering additional needs for existing customers
  • Influence product: Collaborate with engineering, product, and design to communicate and implement customer and operational needs
  • Define our customer experience process: Create playbooks and manage internal tools to resolve questions faster and save our team time

Role context

You will create the Customer Success function at Lightmeter, creating systems and processes to maximize the value of services to customers.

Initially your role will be split between Customer Support and Success, as you take over Customer Support from Cesar. The service role will be a great way for you to learn how the service works, existing company policies, and understand customer pains.

Your time in the Customer Service role will inform your time in the Customer success role: identifying the lowest hanging fruit for driving up customer satisfaction and retention. You'll work closely with Cesar (Operations), Suela (Sales), Giovanni (Data), and Leandro (Engineering), and Sam (CEO) to create seamless customer experiences.

Making intelligent use of data will be a key part of your role right from the start, using GIovanni's support to understand and improve Cost to Serve, and anticipating and avoiding support request using your own insights plus custom technicial solutions as you require.

Role development

Within months you'll likely need to recruit one or more new team members to take over the support function so you can focus on ambitious new strategies for Customer Success. By this stage the most accessible Customer Success projects and processes will be complete and in place, enabling you to switch focus from retention to increasing CLTV in other ways.

Over time additional Customer Success and Support specialists and representatives will be required to sustain our customer base as we hit milestones of 100, 500, and 1,000 customers. If you show aptitude and desire to lead the growing teams, you'll be in the natural position to do so.

Your Skills

  • Positive and confident outlook: You look for opportunities to help others and improve on processes, because you believe in your ability to do so.
  • Perceptive and empathetic: You recognise the emotional needs of customers during interaction over multiple channels and intuit how to work with them.
  • Diligent and organised: You enjoy creating order from chaos and improving the efficiency of systems where you find them.
  • Outcome orientated: You are motivated by impact, and seek ways to measure your effectiveness in the varied facets of your work.

About the interview

The process is split over three primary conversations, usually taking place over one to two weeks.

Meeting 1: 30 minute initial call to touch base and check basic requirements are met. You'll introduce yourself, share your professional experiences and communication preferences.

Meeting 2: live working session where you'll be given a challenge and access to a suitable software, and asked to get as close to a resolution as possible. The bad: working live and unprepared is stressful. The good: the time cost to you is limited to 1 hour, and we get to experience how we each handle working under time constraints while communicating about a concrete situation.

Meeting 3: Final questions about anything that came up previously, plus an introduction to projects you'll be working on during your first 3 months at Lightmeter, followed by a "reality check" presentation from the company to align expectations about day-to-day experience at the company.

Meeting 4: Offer details discussion and negotiation - by this point everything else should be settled except your start date and benefits!

Why you should join Lightmeter

Lightmeter is SendGrid for salespeople - the first email delivery network just for sales. It integrates with sales apps like HubSpot and Salesforce, and gets outbound email into inboxes, instead of going to spam.

We built an Open Source mailserver automation system, and peer network for exchanging data to help independent mailservers deliver. Our last company was an Open Source Mailchimp, sending billions of emails each month.

Email connects startups to 85% of adults worldwide - sales over email makes innovation possible, and builds unicorns. We use email's Open Standards and our own Open Source to get new ideas in front of the relevant buyers.

Team Size:5
Location:London, United Kingdom
Suela Palushi
Suela Palushi
Leandro Santiago
Leandro Santiago
Sam Tuke
Sam Tuke