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Jobs at Livedocs

San Francisco, CA, US / US / CA / Remote (San Francisco, CA, US)
$120K - $160K
0.50% - 1.50%
3+ years

Why you should join Livedocs

As a builder, you have many options. You want to work at Livedocs because you:

  • Align with our goal of helping teams be data-driven without writing code or SQL. We believe that we can give teams of any size more data visibility by giving them a no-code interface for instant analytics on top of their existing tools — with the flexibility of a note-taking app.

  • Want to work in a small team that ships frequently (we ship at a weekly cadence) and be surrounded by the best engineers cranking away at unique problems outside the instruction manual.

  • Desire the impact and freedom that come with being one of the first few people in the room, with the option of growing into a management or architect role

  • Know the data engineering space quite well, and know that the current state of the tooling is ripe for positive disruption!

Livedocs is backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley, like General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, PJC, Unshackled Ventures, YCombinator, Pioneer, and more.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Arsalan Bashir
Arsalan Bashir