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Software Engineer

$90K - $120K / 1.50% - 2.00%
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3+ years
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Arsalan Bashir
Arsalan Bashir

About the role

About us

We’re on a quest to give everyone in the world data superpowers. For decades, poor usability and design have limited non-coders from using data to make decisions, measure progress, and run teams. Livedocs is a first-of-its-kind — a no-code analytics tool for everyone

Our team believes that enabling every team to wield data without learning how to code, manage pipelines, schemas, or any data drudgery will unlock a new chapter for how modern teams run.

Our goal is for every member of every team to have the metrics they need as accessible to them as their favorite note-taking app.

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About you

  • A good communicator, the ideal candidate can communicate and brainstorm effectively. We run on product docs that translate ideas to an engineering outline
  • A great eye for useful abstraction, you will be optimizing data pipelines, queries, and analytics infrastructure at scale
  • A strong understanding of GraphQL and Apollo, and experience building an efficient front-end. Have worked with NextJS, especially optimizing for programmatic SEO challenges, and building a performant web app experience (Tailwind, NextJS)
  • Experience working with database systems, writing efficient SQL, and using ORMs and web servers (NodeJS, Typescript, Fastify, Sequelize, Postgres)

About the role

Your day-to-day in this role will involve:

  • Building UI that enables our users to build powerful data stacks, metrics, and automations for their teams
  • Designing, optimizing, and improving our central data sync engine, solving challenging rate-limiting, batching, and data processing problems
  • Building high-impact integrations between Livedocs and third-party APIs that enable the community to build new things with Livedocs
  • Writing SQL and Typescript/NodeJS code, working with NextJS and Apollo

We’re a distributed, remote async team (🇺🇸 🇦🇪 🇦🇺 🇩🇿 🇺🇦 🇮🇳). Our working style is unique, so here’s some things you should know about us:

  • We are hackers at heart. We often venture outside the instruction manual, emboldened by strong technical skills. We are not afraid to break new ground where an existing solution doesn’t exist.
  • We are a championship team. We are building paradigm-shifting software, and it requires solving some difficult challenges and consistently operating outside the comfort zone. We work with a sustained high-performance approach, often requiring long hours and good prioritization skills to make ourselves available if we are the blocker on a key task.
  • Being a remote async team, you are ultimately in charge of how much impact you can add. But as a championship team, we make a concerted effort to raise the bar by enabling you to take initiatives with accountability.
  • Both impact and skills are required, not one or the other. We expect you to create impact for our users, team, and product, and support. In return we are here to support your career in whichever direction you want to grow.

Tech we use

Typescript, NodeJS, Type-graphql, Apollo GraphQK, NextJS, Apollo Client, Tailwind, Postgres, Sequelize, GCP (Cloud Run, Memorystore, Cloud SQL, AlloyDB, etc)

About the interview

We follow a simple and transparent process, designed to find folks who enjoy iterating, move quick, and taking ownership of their work. We aim to wrap the hiring process up in days, not weeks. Here’s how we hire:

  1. Coffee chat with the CEO about this role: An informal call to get to know you, learn about your goals, and what you want to do at Livedocs
  2. Build with the team: Pick a short project to work on, and work async on it. Here are some we’ve used in the past:
    • Design a simple data sync engine with rate-limiting between a server and a third-party API
    • Build a Hubspot data viewer client (frontend, API, and query resolver)
    • Debug and fix existing codebase (API design and frontend)
    • Design a new feature for Livedocs (Write a design and engineering spec for a new feature you think would be great for Livedocs)
  3. Code review: When your solution is ready, you will review it with an engineer from our team
  4. Team intro: Chat with the rest of the Livedocs team and learn about who you’ll be working with
  5. Offer and chat with the CEO: Let's discuss the details, offer letter, and onboarding. It’s time to build something cool together!

Why you should join Livedocs

As a builder, you have many options. You want to work at Livedocs because you:

  • Align with our goal of helping teams be data-driven without writing code or SQL. We believe that we can give teams of any size more data visibility by giving them a no-code interface for instant analytics on top of their existing tools — with the flexibility of a note-taking app.

  • Want to work in a small team that ships frequently (we ship at a weekly cadence) and be surrounded by the best engineers cranking away at unique problems outside the instruction manual.

  • Desire the impact and freedom that come with being one of the first few people in the room, with the option of growing into a management or architect role

  • Know the data engineering space quite well, and know that the current state of the tooling is ripe for positive disruption!

Livedocs is backed by some of the best investors in Silicon Valley, like General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, PJC, Unshackled Ventures, YCombinator, Pioneer, and more.

Team Size:3
Location:San Francisco
Arsalan Bashir
Arsalan Bashir