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$50k - $65k
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3+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar

About the role

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:53.99529964747356% 65.98119858989423%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f50e"></span></span> Do you get excited by the prospect of finding great talent?

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:67.97884841363103% 34.01880141010576%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f680"></span></span> Do you want to be part of the team responsible for hiring people that will help people all around the world build better business?

🪜Are you excited to take the next step in your Talent career and join a fast-growing startup?

In today’s competitive talent market, it’s hard to connect with and ‘close’ great talent. In order for us to build the infrastructure that reshapes finance for millions of people, we need to build an exceptional team - this is where you come in! You will be empowered to experiment and build something special, that will help us scale to 100+ employees <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:51.99764982373678% 30.0235017626322%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f4c8"></span></span>

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:91.95064629847238% 85.95769682726204%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f9e0"></span></span> WHAT WILL YOU BE WORKING ON?

Proactively sourcing potential candidates via various hiring platforms Crafting and sending personalised outreach - we don’t copy & paste here <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:59.9882491186839% 67.97884841363103%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f605"></span></span> Acting as a brand ambassador for LiveFlow - ensuring a stellar candidate experience from your first interaction Coordinating with hiring managers to align on position requirements Building talent pipeline for future hiring needs Promoting our referral program with current employees and external networks Promoting our employer brand online and offline Maintaining our ATS & ensuring data hygiene Communicating with past & future applicants regarding new roles Conducting talent research - market mapping, compensation data, candidate trends etc. Supporting the Head of People & Talent on various talent initiatives

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:97.94359576968273% 59.9882491186839%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="2708-fe0f"></span></span> WHO WILL LOVE THIS ROLE?

You will love this role if:

You have previous Talent experience - you have either worked as a sourcer or have spent some time in a recruitment agency and would now like to move in-house You love people! You’re energised by building talent pipelines You’re obsessed by finding the perfect candidate for the roles you’re working on You want to learn how a talent function scales alongside business growth You love to learn and challenge yourself You are creative and ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to finding great talent

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:50% 83.96004700352526%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f4b0"></span></span> SALARY, EQUITY & BENEFITS: Base salary: You will get a competitive base salary. It’s unlikely it will exceed your current base salary; we’re a startup and managing cash is vital to us Equity: You will, however, receive a substantial equity package that will make you feel like a real owner of LiveFlow Unlimited vacation/paid time off Health and dental insurance All the latest tech you need; MacBooks, Monitors, etc. Monthly budget to spend on books and conferences to ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest developments in your field Flexible working hours

Why you should join LiveFlow

We're building LiveFlow to help companies manage their finances with confidence and ease.

Every company has to control its budget and its cash, but too many startups drown before they ever get to see regular and reliable numbers. The lucky ones invest a ton of time and tedious effort to pull their disparate data together every month. For most, the solution is a mix of fragile spreadsheets and flakey scripts. We want to fix that.

Don't get us wrong; spreadsheets are an amazing tool – and scripts can be pretty great too! Spreadsheets are so useful in fact that it's estimated that as many as one billion people use them every month¹. However... Their flexibility and versatility come at the expense of simplicity and maintainability.

We can do better by allowing businesses to easily integrate their own financial data sources. We can do better by automatically updating reports and dashboards, as soon as new data becomes available. We can do better by intelligently detecting errors, anomalies, and even opportunities.

We believe that we can do even better than that.

Team Size:8
Location:London, United Kingdom
Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar
Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur