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Account Executive

$1 - $250K
New York
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6+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur

About the role

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:12.044653349001175% 22.032902467685076%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f30d"></span></span>  ABOUT LIVEFLOW:

We're building LiveFlow to help millions of people build better businesses by helping them manage their finances easily.

_ Every _ company has to manage its P&L and its cash, but too many companies drowned because of manual financial work and the absence of understanding of how their numbers worked as well as too many other day-to-day priorities.

We want to fix that.

We are backed by top-tier investors like Y Combinator, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, and Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google). We were also featured as the top product on Product Hunt.

Here's a bit of press from our Seed Round fundraise.

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:67.97884841363103% 34.01880141010576%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f680"></span></span> INTRO:

Hi there! <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:28.025851938895418% 87.95534665099882%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f44b-1f3fd"></span></span>

Lasse & Anita here, CEO & COO of LiveFlow.

Up until today, we've been doing pure founder-led sales.

We have closed hundreds of customers, but we need your help to get us to the next stage!

That's why we're looking for our first Account Executive to join us.

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:91.95064629847238% 85.95769682726204%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f9e0"></span></span> ABOUT THE ROLE

You will be the first Account Executive at LiveFlow, and you will be in charge of helping us crafting and implementing our Sales Playbook, which will allow us to scale to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.


  • Run the end-to-end process of selling LiveFlow to leading accounting firms and SMBs in the US (see our customers)

  • Dive deep into our product, thoroughly understand the pain our potential customers have and why LiveFlow is the ideal solution for that

  • Develop relationships with Accounting firms and Finance Teams (CFOs, Head of Finance)

  • Work closely with our founding team on developing a Sales Playbook

  • Hire additional AEs, SDRs, and a broader sales team


  • At least 3+ years in a sales role at another high-growth tech startup

  • You have a deep interest in Sales, you’re always learning and improving yourself

  • Proven track record of being in the top 10% of your roles

  • You are humble, you ask a lot of questions, are naturally curious and hungry to achieve impressive things in life and work

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:50% 83.96004700352526%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f4b0"></span></span> SALARY, EQUITY & BENEFITS:

  • Competitive base salary + commission

  • Substantial equity package

  • Unlimited vacation/paid time off

  • Health and dental insurance

  • 401(k)

  • All the latest tech you need; MacBooks, monitors, etc.

  • Monthly budget to spend on books and conferences to keep learning

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:53.99529964747356% 65.98119858989423%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f50e"></span></span> INTERVIEW PROCESS:

  1. 30 min screen call

  2. FirstMind Talent Assessment

  3. Live sales demo

  4. Career history interview: we go through your whole journey in chronological order

Sounds like something for you? Then, we would love to hear from you.

About LiveFlow

We're building LiveFlow to help millions of people build better businesses by helping them manage their finances easily.

Every company has to manage its P&L and its cash. Still, too many companies drown because of manual financial work, the absence of understanding of how their numbers work, and too many other day-to-day priorities.

We want to fix that.

We are backed by world-class investors like YC, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google), Tomer London (Co-Founder, Gusto), and more.

Team Size:10
Location:San Francisco
Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar
Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur