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Product Marketing Lead

New York / San Francisco, CA
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3+ years
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Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar

About the role

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:12.044653349001175% 22.032902467685076%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f30d"></span></span>  ABOUT LIVEFLOW:

We're building LiveFlow to help millions of people build better businesses by helping them manage their finances easily.

_ Every _ company has to manage its P&L and its cash, but too many companies drown because of manual financial work, no understanding of how their numbers work, and too many other day-to-day priorities.

We want to fix that.

We are backed by top-tier investors like Y Combinator, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, and Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google). We were also featured as the top product on Product Hunt.

Here's a bit of press from our Seed Round fundraise.

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:67.97884841363103% 34.01880141010576%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f680"></span></span> INTRO:

Hi there! <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:28.025851938895418% 87.95534665099882%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f44b-1f3fd"></span></span>

Lasse here, Co-Founder/CEO of LiveFlow.

Product Marketing is at the core of LiveFlow becoming a $100B business - When we first launched, we assumed that we had a somewhat narrow use case product, but turns out we were wrong!

Our customers are using LiveFlow to create financial dashboards and live reporting systems we never thought were possible! We love that, but we are far from having seen the top of the iceberg.

That's why we need you (aka. a hungry product marketing lead) to help our customers discover the hundreds of other use cases they can build with LiveFlow.

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:91.95064629847238% 85.95769682726204%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f9e0"></span></span> ABOUT THE ROLE

You will be the first Product Marketing Lead at LiveFlow, and you will be end-to-end responsible for the area. You will work closely with Lasse, (CEO/Product) and Anita (COO/Sales) on expanding product use-cases, nailing messaging, crafting marketing campaigns, and a lot more.

Here are a few things we'd love for you to help us solve:

  • How do we get our customers to discover even more use cases for LiveFlow?

  • How do we keep growing our template library?

  • How should we speak to our different customer groups?

  • What does a top-notch product marketing team look like over time?

None of us at LiveFlow are product marketing experts (yet!), so you should expect to be the driver.
We hire you because you know the domain better than we do! In other words, we don't have a playbook you'll follow - we want you to create that.


  • You've worked for a high-growth startup in Product Marketing

  • You have excellent writing and communication skills, combined with deep customer empathy

  • You are exceptional at translating customer pains into narratives/benefits/benefits of benefits

  • You are humble, you ask a lot of questions, are naturally curious and hungry to achieve big things in life and work

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:50% 83.96004700352526%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f4b0"></span></span> SALARY, EQUITY & BENEFITS:

  • Competitive base salary

  • Substantial equity package

  • Unlimited vacation/paid time off

  • Health and dental insurance

  • All the latest tech you need; MacBooks, Monitors, etc.

  • Monthly budget to spend on books and conferences to keep learning

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:53.99529964747356% 65.98119858989423%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f50e"></span></span> INTERVIEW PROCESS:

  1. 30 min screen call

  2. Home task followed by a walkthrough call

  3. FirstMind Talent Assessment

  4. Career history interview: we go through your whole journey in chronological order

  5. Final interview 

Sounds like something for you? Then, we would love to hear from you.

Why you should join LiveFlow

We're building LiveFlow to help companies manage their finances with confidence and ease.

Every company has to control its budget and its cash, but too many startups drown before they ever get to see regular and reliable numbers. The lucky ones invest a ton of time and tedious effort to pull their disparate data together every month. For most, the solution is a mix of fragile spreadsheets and flakey scripts. We want to fix that.

Don't get us wrong; spreadsheets are an amazing tool – and scripts can be pretty great too! Spreadsheets are so useful in fact that it's estimated that as many as one billion people use them every month¹. However... Their flexibility and versatility come at the expense of simplicity and maintainability.

We can do better by allowing businesses to easily integrate their own financial data sources. We can do better by automatically updating reports and dashboards, as soon as new data becomes available. We can do better by intelligently detecting errors, anomalies, and even opportunities.

We believe that we can do even better than that.

Team Size:8
Location:San Francisco
Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar
Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur