Advanced financial reporting on autopilot

Growth Marketing Manager

$80K - $130K
New York / San Francisco, CA
Job Type
6+ years
Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups.
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Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur

About the role

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:12.044653349001175% 22.032902467685076%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f30d"></span></span>  ABOUT LIVEFLOW:

We're building LiveFlow to help millions of people build better businesses by helping them manage their finances easily.

Every company has to manage its P&L and its cash, but too many companies drown because of manual financial work, no understanding of how their numbers work, and too many other day-to-day priorities.

We want to fix that.

We are backed by top-tier investors like Y Combinator, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, and Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google). We were also featured as the top product on Product Hunt.

Here's a bit of press from our Seed Round fundraise.

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:67.97884841363103% 34.01880141010576%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f680"></span></span> ABOUT THE ROLE:

Hi! <span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:28.025851938895418% 87.95534665099882%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f44b-1f3fd"></span></span> Anita here, co-founder of LiveFlow. To date, I’ve been leading Growth with our fantastic team and it’s been a great ride. We moved from 0 to 1 and found customers who rave about the product (and rate it 6 out of 5 stars).

We've made the headlines and brought LiveFlow to TechCrunch, Yahoo,, and more. We teamed up with professional organizations for CFOs and Accountants and ran dozens of podcasts and webinars.

But we can do even better than that. Now, we need you to help us to take LiveFlow to the next level.

We are looking for a top-notch, business-driven Growth Marketer to help scale LiveFlow’s Go-To-Market flywheel. We want you to work smart, bring your own perspective, and ask deep questions about what we do and how we do it.

If it sounds like you, read on! 

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:91.95064629847238% 85.95769682726204%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f9e0"></span></span> WHAT PROBLEMS WILL YOU NEED TO SOLVE?

  • You will help us build a growth engine that will attract thousands of customers

  • You will find new, unconventional, and creative ways to boost customer growth

  • You will analyze how to improve conversation rates; you will come up with growth initiatives based on that


Lead Content Strategy and Execution:

  • You will create and implement our SEO strategy end-to-end

  • You will create content to help us drive customer acquisition and adoption

  • You will drive new signups through organic search

Lead experimentation:

  • You will create, test, and tailor landing pages for various customer segments

  • You will run A/B tests to increase our conversion rate to sign-ups (experience working with Webflow is a big plus)


  • You have at least 5+ years of experience in Marketing. You ideally worked at an early-stage high-growth startup or did growth for your own startup

  • Channel understanding & expertise : You have a deep knowledge of how marketing channels work together for B2B and are able to articulate when an opportunity is best suited for one channel or another. You can reliably spot gaps in customer journeys where new channels might be needed and can test new channels as to their ability to LiveFlow

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills: you feel comfortable communicating with prospects, leads, customers and can write engaging and powerful copies

  • SEO: You know how to run SEO efficiently and optimise the website for growth

  • You have a high bias for action and thrive when you’re efficient at work: You’re an end-to-end finisher, who can start, execute and finish tasks yourself (but are not afraid to ask for help)

  • You are humble, selfless, and emotionally mature. You don’t give up if things don’t work out - you try many other ways to hit your goals

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:50% 83.96004700352526%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f4b0"></span></span> SALARY, EQUITY & BENEFITS:

  • Base salary: You will get a competitive base salary. It’s unlikely it will exceed your current base salary; we’re a startup and managing cash is vital to us

  • Equity: You will, however, receive a substantial equity package that will make you feel like a real owner of LiveFlow

  • Unlimited vacation/paid time off

  • Health and dental insurance

  • All the latest tech you need; MacBooks, Monitors, etc.

  • Monthly budget to spend on books and conferences to ensure you are always up-to-date with the latest developments in your field

  • Flexible working hours

<span class="emoji-outer emoji-sizer"><span class="emoji-inner" style="background: url(chrome-extension://gaoflciahikhligngeccdecgfjngejlh/emoji-data/sheet_apple_32.png);background-position:53.99529964747356% 65.98119858989423%;background-size:5418.75% 5418.75%" data-codepoints="1f50e"></span></span> INTERVIEW PROCESS:

  1. 30 min screen call

  2. Home task followed by a walkthrough call

  3. FirstMind Talent Assessment

  4. Career history interview: we go through your whole journey in chronological order

  5. Final interview 

Sounds like something for you? Then, we would love to hear from you.

About LiveFlow

We're building LiveFlow to help millions of people build better businesses by helping them manage their finances easily.

Every company has to manage its P&L and its cash. Still, too many companies drown because of manual financial work, the absence of understanding of how their numbers work, and too many other day-to-day priorities.

We want to fix that.

We are backed by world-class investors like YC, Seedcamp, WndrCo, Moonfire, Bradley Horowitz (VP Product, Google), Tomer London (Co-Founder, Gusto), and more.

Team Size:14
Location:New York
Lasse Kalkar
Lasse Kalkar
Anita Koimur
Anita Koimur