Y Combinator Startups in Boston that are currently hiring 2024

July 2024

Browse 28 of the top startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in Boston, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups. Their teams are well-funded and actively hiring.

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  • Ginkgo Bioworks
    Ginkgo Bioworks (s2014)Public • 641 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Ginkgo Bioworks is the organism company. We design custom organisms for customers across multiple markets. We build our foundries to scale the process of organism engineering using software and hardware automation. Organism engineers at Ginkgo learn from nature to develop new organisms that replace technology with biology.
  • Gecko Robotics
    Gecko Robotics (w2016)Active • 230 employees • Austin, TX, USA
    The mission of Gecko Robotics is to improve the state of the world by helping the most important institutions ensure the availability, reliability and sustainability of critical infrastructure. Gecko's combination of wall-climbing robots, industry-leading sensors, and an AI-powered data platform give customers a unique window into the health of their physical assets allowing real-time decisions that prevent power outages, ensure military missions succeed, and help reduce energy costs.
  • Biobot Analytics
    Biobot Analytics (w2018)Active • 17 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Biobot Analytics develops cutting-edge technology to transform sewers into public health observatories. Wastewater contains valuable information about the health of communities. We collect it. We analyze it. We tell you how to leverage it to make your city better. Our first product is to measure opioids and other drug metabolites in sewage to estimate consumption in cities. With this data, those working on harm reduction can assess the scope of the epidemic, allocate resources, and gauge the effectiveness of programming over time.
  • Apprentice Health
    Apprentice Health (s2018)Active • 6 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    We deploy location beacons to track the movements of patients and doctors, measure the inefficiencies in the doctors’ workflows, and then give the hospitals targeted recommendations on how to improve.
  • Alpha Vantage
    Alpha Vantage (s2018)Active • 8 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Alpha Vantage provides enterprise-grade financial market data through a set of powerful and developer-friendly data APIs and spreadsheets. Whether you need traditional asset classes (e.g., stocks, ETFs, commodities), economic metrics, foreign exchange rates, cryptocurrencies, fundamental data or even technical indicators, Alpha Vantage is your one-stop shop for global market data delivered through REST APIs.
  • Ascen
    Ascen (w2019)Active • 17 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Ascen is a back office platform and employer of record for staffing firms.
  • Hatch
    Hatch (w2019)Active • 73 employees • Richmond, VA, USA
    We are building a SMS business messaging platform for Contact Centers and their teams
  • Community Phone Company
    Community Phone Company (w2019)Active • 70 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Community Phone Company YC W19 built a simple cloud phone system that runs inside of landlines Our solution lets a business or family get all modern voice features (re-route if busy, greeting menu and IVR, programmable caller ID, cloud voicemail, etc) on their existing desk phone and existing cell phones. All employees onboard instantly, no wifi required, no app to download.
  • Volta Labs, Inc.
    Volta Labs, Inc. (w2019)Active • 50 employees • Cambridge, MA, USA
    Volta Labs is a genomics applications company that has developed a cutting-edge digital fluidics platform to maximize performance and scalability of sample preparation in genomics while providing unparalleled consistency. Volta is transforming the way biological research and analyses are performed, allowing scientists to focus on what they do best -- pushing the boundaries of biology. As a collective of scientists and builders working at the intersection of engineering and biology, we imagine a world where extracting vital information from biological samples is as simple as pressing a button. That's our vision, and we're turning it into reality. Our HQ is in Boston’s Seaport, where we develop and manufacture our technology. We believe in cross-functional collaboration and continuous learning – whether your interest is in biology, MechEng, CompEng, or simply joining a fast-growing startup striving to make the world a better place, we'd love to welcome you to our team. Check out some of our blog posts to learn more about work life at Volta.
  • Legacy
    Legacy (s2019)Active • 35 employees • New York, NY, USA
    **TL;DR:** Legacy (YC S19) is a startup focused on the fast-growing field of fertility and family planning. Founded at Harvard, the company has now raised $40M from leading investors like FirstMark Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Section 32, Tribe Capital, and even celebrities like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and others. **What we're doing** We aim to change the outdated view that fertility is a "women's issue" by creating an accessible, affordable product for men & people with sperm. This includes everything from a mail-in kit for sperm testing & sperm freezing, personalized sperm improvement products, tele-health, DNA fragmentation analysis, supplements, and more. **Why are we the leader?** The company was founded at Harvard by a team of healthcare and fertility experts. We obsess about talent density and have out-executed our competitors over the past few years. Beyond our D2C channel, we've also unlocked: 1. Nationwide insurance coverage (10M+ lives) 2. Military contracts (Including the Navy SEALs and 15M+ veterans) 3. Employer offerings (Working with the top fertility benefit providers) **Tell me about the team** We're a team of about 30, extremely diverse (majority female, majority immigrants, strong LGBQTIA+ representation, age range of 25-65), and very values driven. Our 5 values are customer centricity, reliability, kindness, openness, and winning. Learn more about our values here: https://khaled-legacy.medium.com/legacys-values-and-why-they-matter-db116539d3da Learn more about our workplace here: https://khaled-legacy.medium.com/how-and-why-legacy-is-reinventing-workplace-benefits-9e5fda6cb863 Read about our mission to humanize the path to parenthood: https://khaled-legacy.medium.com/how-and-why-legacy-is-reinventing-workplace-benefits-9e5fda6cb863 Learn more about sperm and why it matters here: docsend.com/view/zkgk7ws
  • Acho
    Acho (w2020)Active • 15 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Acho is a modern ERP platform for operations leaders to unify business systems, streamline processes, and manage business objectives. Uncompromising customized and rapidly fast, Acho grows KPI with dedicated solution resources and predictable ROI. Today, Acho plays a pivotal role in elevating operational efficiency, automating workflows, and turning data into products for over 100 businesses. Among our valued customers are supply chain divisions of major global corporations, IT departments of Online Travel Agencies, Finance & Accounting units of prestigious banking institutions, and other organizations that play a key role in our daily life.
  • Metaplane
    Metaplane (w2020)Active • 12 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Metaplane ensures everyone trusts the data that powers your business. Data teams at Bose, Ramp, and Klaviyo use our data observability platform to prevent and detect data issues — before the CEO pings them about weird revenue numbers. We do this with ML-based anomaly detection, end-to-end column-level lineage, and tools to help prevent incidents before they occur. You can monitor your entire data stack within 30 minutes. The company is backed by Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, and the founders of Okta, HubSpot, and Vercel.
  • PostEra
    PostEra (w2020)Active • 34 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    PostEra is building a modern 21st century biopharma. We're using our advances in machine learning to accelerate Medicinal Chemistry and bring more cures to patients. PostEra advances small molecule programs through partnerships with biopharma while also advancing its own internal pipeline. We've raised $26M from top investors and closed $1Bn in AI partnerships, signing multi-year agreements with Amgen, Pfizer and the NIH. PostEra also launched and led the world's largest open-science drug discovery effort; COVID Moonshot.
  • Nextera Robotics
    Nextera Robotics (s2020)Active • 15 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Nextera Robotics is an AI-native Robotics and Industrial Automation company founded at MIT.
  • Nabla Bio
    Nabla Bio (s2020)Active • 8 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Our mission is to enable pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring more antibody therapies to patients. Using AI and massively parallel experimentation, we design antibodies that precisely bind the disease target at the right location, while minimizing manufacturability and toxicity risks. We are a well-funded, revenue-generating, bilingual company of wet- and dry-lab scientists, and are founded by AI and protein design experts from Harvard University.
  • SiPhox Health
    SiPhox Health (s2020)Active • 25 employees • Burlington, MA, USA
    We are developing a new paradigm for consumer health tech wearables by replacing a 100lb optical instrument with an area of silicon smaller than a postage stamp.
  • Pangea.app
    Pangea.app (w2021)Active • 3 employees • New York, NY, USA
    The best way to know if someone is a good fit is to work with them on a project before you hire them full-time. At Pangea, we make contract-to-hire easy and painless. We'll work with you to provide a shortlist of top, interested candidates. Our talent have an average of 5-7+ years of experience in design, growth, ops, product, and engineering, and are primarily based in the USA (but also extend to 155 countries)
  • Topline Pro
    Topline Pro (w2021)Active • 28 employees • New York, NY, USA
    Topline Pro (formerly ProPhone) is a Generative AI platform enabling home service businesses to be easily discovered, trusted and booked, directly. The AI-driven interface rapidly and affordably creates a custom, SEO-optimized website along with a application to help sync content to and from local listings, put social media communications on autopilot and enable the business owner to easily get paid online.
    REGENT (w2021)Active • 40 employees • North Kingstown, RI, USA
    REGENT is building a new mode of transportation that will redefine regional mobility by mid-decade. Their first product, the seaglider, is an all-electric, hydrofoiling boat-plane that operates within a wingspan of the water's surface. By flying low on a cushion of air, seagliders unlock the ability to fly twice as far as an electric aircraft, while being regulated by maritime authorities enabling market entry for a fraction of the cost. REGENT has de-risked seaglider technology with a ¼-scale, 400 lb, flying demonstration vehicle and a full-scale wing test section. By 2024, REGENT will fly humans on the first full-scale prototype seaglider. By mid-decade, REGENT’s customers - airlines and ferry companies – will begin commercial seaglider service on the 12-seat initial product. In just two years, REGENT has accumulated $8B in provisional orders (including firm deposits) proving the potential of the $25B+ initial market. REGENT, a team of 40, is led by MIT-trained, ex-Boeing engineers Billy Thalheimer and Mike Klinker. REGENT has raised $50M to date from the likes of Thiel Capital, Founders Fund, Mark Cuban, Y Combinator, and includes strategic investment from Japan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Mesa Airlines.
  • Kodex
    Kodex (s2021)Active • 3 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Kodex makes it easy for companies to process, and respond to, subpoenas from governments around the world. Agencies, like the FBI, subpoena user data from customers like Coinbase, and thousands of other companies - without Kodex, companies largely rely on email, fax, and spreadsheets to manage them. Kodex is a SaaS tool that helps private sector companies manage relationships, workflows, and secure file transfer with government agencies who are seeking confidential information on a company's users. We streamline compliance operations, protect the privacy of their users, reduce error, and validate the legitimacy of government agents who are requesting information. To date, we have launched with Coinbase, Kik Messenger, Whisper App, & Amino Apps. These companies alone receive over 20,000 data requests per year.
  • Pirouette Medical
    Pirouette Medical (s2021)Active • 9 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    At Pirouette, we have developed a low-profile, disk-shaped, rugged injection device with a patient-centric focus on affordability, portability, and usability. The patented device, based on extensive patient input, is designed to make administering an injection as easy as pushing a button. This allows individuals with limited or no training to easily and intuitively perform an injection on themselves or others.
  • Medium Biosciences
    Medium Biosciences (s2021)Active • 6 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    We build AI models to create novel, high performing biomolecules faster. Our AI models simulate the biophysical properties of biomolecules and identify the most promising ones to be tested in the lab.
  • Reviving Mind
    Reviving Mind (w2022)Active • 3 employees • Boston, MA, USA
    Navigating chronic illness is an isolating and lonely process which ultimately reduces medical adherence and adversely impacts outcomes. There are over 100 deadly chronic conditions as 1 out of 2 Americans is currently living with at least 1 chronic condition. The US healthcare system has over $1 trillion dollars in direct costs. Medical adherence rates for therapeutic programs and medicine are only 50% because patients feel lonely, isolated, and unsupported in their chronic illness journey. Reviving Mind is an in-network telehealth provider that improves clinical outcomes and program adherence for the senior medicare and medicare-advantage population that is plagued with loneliness and chronic illness. This is done through a novel and proprietary clinical program and technology platform that integrates virtual, private, curated, and professionally led groups that scale up to 8-patients with individualized and goal oriented lifestyle medicine coaching that is automated but managed by a licensed provider. Scaling rapidly across the United States.
  • Illuminant Surgical
    Illuminant Surgical (s2022)Active • 6 employees • Culver City, CA, USA
    Illuminant is helping surgeons perform safer and more efficient surgeries by projecting visual guidance directly on the patient’s skin. Using computer vision and low cost hardware, we can display patient-specific anatomical structures from preoperative medical images (e.g. CT scans), pre-operative annotations from planning, and real-time feedback, like needle depth and tool trajectory, as a surgeon operates. Our vision is to expand surgical navigation to underserved health systems and surgical specialties.
  • Firecrawl
    Firecrawl (s2022)Active • 4 employees • San Francisco, CA, USA
    Firecrawl is the easiest way to extract data from the web. Developers use us to reliably convert URLs into LLM-ready markdown or structured data with a single API call. We crossed 6k GitHub stars in just two months and have had paying customers since day one
1. Previously, we built Mendable, one of the first commercially available “chat with your data” applications. We sold to companies like MongoDB, Coinbase, Snapchat, and more. To do this, we spent a surprising amount of time building reliable infrastructure for getting clean data from the web. When we started to see our founding friends rebuilding the same thing, we thought we might be on to something. We see Firecrawl evolving into the easiest way for humans or AIs to collect data on the web. Imagine a magical interface instantly gathering data from any format, anywhere, with no code required.

  • Stackshine
    Stackshine (w2022)Acquired • 7 employees • Portland, OR, USA
    Stackshine is creating mission control for enterprise IT teams. We discover all the software being used across their organization and then automate workflows related to onboarding/offboarding, cost savings, and security.