Y Combinator Startups in India 2024

July 2024

Browse 2 of the top startups funded by Y Combinator. Headquartered in India, these are some of the hottest and fastest-growing startups.

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  • Pulse Active Stations Network
    Pulse Active Stations Network (w2019)Active • 10 employees • India
    We are Pulse Active Stations Network and are setting up a network of connected IOT-enabled “Make in India” Smart Health Machines known as the Pulse Active Stations Network. We have conducted over 600,000 Health Check-ups and through our Pulse Active Station Smart Health Machines, we conduct mass screening for NCD risk factors such as Obesity, Hypertension and other factors to empower people to take informed decisions for theirs and their family's health.
  • Kalam Labs
    Kalam Labs (s2021)Active • 10 employees • India
    Kalam Labs is India's First Kids Space Organization. We are creating a place where kids take part in actual ambitious space missions. The Missions are done with India's Top Space Organizations: - Unfurling India's Flag in Space with Hrithik Roshan - Building a Stratospheric Retrieval Drone with IIT-Kanpur - Building a Navigable Balloon TIFR Kids get to work on these missions at their home by our Kalam Labs-Space Kits and by playing our Kalam Labs app.