Invest in tokenized real estate for only $50 and sell anytime.

Fullstack Engineer

$160k - $200k
Job Type
3+ years
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Max Ball
Max Ball

About the role

Lofty ( is operating at the cutting edge of Web3 and crypto, and lets anyone invest in tokenized real estate in under 5 minutes for only $50.

Our mission is to help people across the world diversify into high yield U.S. real estate investments as easily as possible. We especially want to help people who can’t purchase an entire house or rental property on their own. Investors get daily rental income while their tokens appreciate in value as the property appreciates, and tokens can be sold anytime with no lock-up periods.

We are moving fast, growing fast, and backed by leading investors (such as Y Combinator, Hustle Fund, and NVIDIA). Most importantly, our users are obsessed with our product. You can read testimonials at:

⭐ We've had a lot of exciting momentum over the past year:

  • Grew from 4 to 16 full time employees
  • Transacted $30 million across 125+ properties for thousands of property investors
  • Launched support for crypto payments. Not everyone has a credit card or a US bank account, but most everyone around the world can use crypto.
  • Launched support for people to use crypto as collateral to invest in real estate
  • Launched Lofty Wallet to bridge DeFi and TradFi and make it easy for everyone, including non-crypto natives, to use Lofty
  • Launched peer-to-peer property trading to make real estate more liquid than ever </aside>

🏗 The role: Fullstack Engineer

This is an opportunity to get in at the ground level, make a big impact as the 5th engineering hire at Lofty, and work with top tier talent — our team has deep experience, coming from companies from Amazon to Blackstone, Optimizely, and Bungalow. We are looking for self-starting full stack software engineers to join our growing team of 16. We are constantly solving tough, never-before-seen challenges like decentralized property ownership through our governance system and secondary market trading of real estate tokens. We plan to integrate DeFi into our product in the very near future as well, allowing investors to stake their Lofty tokens and lend them out to other investors (plus much more).

At Lofty you will be encouraged to jump into product and technical challenges across the entire stack.

This can range from payment processing (cash and crypto), new webapp features (React), or novel blockchain-based applications.

The role is fully remote, and you do not need to reside in the U.S. or be a U.S. citizen for this job. You will ideally work during standard Pacific Time (PT) hours, but at minimum you must be able to work in a timezone no more than 3 hours offset from PT.

✅ Our tech stack

  • Have In-depth knowledge of core web technologies - HTML, CSS & Javascript/Typescript
  • Have 3+ years experience with modern frontend frameworks; React & React hooks preferred
  • Have significant experience in NodeJS
  • Have experience with serverless and microservice architectures is a plus
  • Have experience with non-relational databases (DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra)
  • Have additional experience with relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc,) is a plus
  • Have domain knowledge in one of the following is also a plus:
  • Financial engineering (FinTech) - payment processing, accounting
  • Crypto

🚀🌙 Why you'll be excited to work with us

  • Our users LOVE Lofty. We are delivering on the Y Combinator mantra, “Build something people want”
  • We are tackling a massive global challenge that will meaningfully improve peoples' financial well being
  • You're coming in at the most exciting time for us. We’re growing fast, and we know that smart growth initiatives will accelerate our expansion.
  • We're funded by leading investors and notable angels

🏔 Why you might not be excited to work with us

  • We’re a small but mighty team spread across the globe
  • Projects and priorities can shift quickly
  • We need someone who is self-sufficient and can dive right in
  • As you will find with a similar role at any startup, we occasionally may need your help beyond standard hours
  • You will be an independent contributor starting out; there will be opportunities to take on more responsibility and potentially have direct reports in the future

💸 Benefits and Compensation

Lofty aims to offer a compelling compensation package:

  • 100% remote
  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Flexible time off

Why you should join Lofty

We have built the world's first real estate tokenization marketplace. People from around the world come to our website and invest in US properties in less than 5 minutes for only $50. Tokens are liquid, and all properties are vetted by our proprietary A.I. that we've been building for over 3 years.

Our goal is to help people across the world access US real estate investments, especially people who can’t purchase an entire house or rental property on their own. We'll let people leverage their real estate investments for loans through staking their tokens or borrowing against them using DeFi.

Team Size:10
Location:Miami, FL
Max Ball
Max Ball
Jerry Chu
Jerry Chu