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Visual Designer (Contract + Remote)

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Remote (US)
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Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz

About the role

Read this first

Before you apply, these are the things we care about, in order of importance:

  1. Why you
  2. Why Loops
  3. Something you built you’re proud of
  4. Your favorite food
  5. Almost anything else
  6. A pdf version of your resume

Here is how we work:


Here are some thoughts on UX:



The typical software company has between 4 - 6 email-sending providers by the Series C stage. We’re rolling them up into one, clean platform to help software companies efficiently scale their communication with their users.

Loops is an email-sending platform dedicated to crafting a high level of product quality and exceptional customer experience. Our mission revolves around two core principles:

  • Building a great product
  • Talking to users

We believe that great products are born from close collaboration with our users and a relentless focus on quality. Join us if you believe the same.

Our team

We’re a small team (currently 6), focused on exceptional User Experience and a rock-solid, feature-rich product. We ship quickly and speak with new and existing users daily. Our emphasis is on retention and growth. If you’re a fan of companies like Notion, Figma, Raycast or Linear then you’ll appreciate our product development and engineering process.

Everyone talks to users.

What you will do

  • Design Excellence: Craft new screenshots of our app for social media, changelogs, website, and more, ensuring each visual element communicates our brand’s dedication to quality.
  • Website Polish: Help steadily improve visuals and UX.
  • UX Collaboration: Assist in the UX process, gradually taking on more responsibilities to drive user-centered design solutions.
  • Motion Design: Utilize motion design to enhance user experience, making interactions more intuitive and engaging.
  • Product Development: Work closely with product and engineering teams to design and implement features that enhance user experience.
  • User Advocacy: Engage with users to gather feedback and insights, advocating for user needs and ensuring our product meets their expectations.
  • Design Systems: Contribute to and maintain our design systems, ensuring consistency and scalability across all design projects.

Who you are

  • Experience: Whatever you bring. You’re the first design hire and have the opportunity to set the tone for the company.
  • Tools: We use Figma, Framer, Linear, Notion, and Slack.
  • Attention to Detail: A keen eye for good design and a genuine love for the craft. If things look “off” a genuine desire and execution to make them look “right”.
  • Communication: Strong written skills, with the ability to articulate design decisions and collaborate with cross-functional teams. We work async often. You will be writing, designing and communicating via your work.
  • User-Centered: A passion for understanding user needs and advocating for the best user experience solutions. You will talk to users.

Nice to have

  • Technical Skills: Experience with design systems, and familiarity with tools like Git and VSCode.
  • Creative Thinking: Ability to come up with innovative solutions and not always satisfied with the status quo.
  • Leadership: Previous experience in leading design projects or teams.
  • Motion Design: Experience in creating motion design elements to enhance user experience.

Open to all

We’re committed to building a culturally diverse team and strongly encourage you to apply regardless of anything you believe to be a limiting factor.

About Loops

Loops is a simple and beautiful email sending platform for SaaS companies. We have a Notion-style block editor for email creation, excellent deliverability for transactional mail and pre-built loops for SaaS companies to snap-in to increase their revenue and user engagement.

Team Size:5
Location:Washington, DC
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz
Adam Kaczmarek
Adam Kaczmarek