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Senior Front End Software Engineer

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6+ years
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Anderson Ferminiano
Anderson Ferminiano

About the role

Gemfy is enabling crypto gaming for all. We're an easy and friendly way for giving access to crypto games. We're in the early days of crypto gaming and Gemfy as well, and we're expanding our engineering team. The ideal candidate has experience building web and mobile products from scratch, loves learning, and reconciles user needs with business objectives.


  • Design and implement web solutions
  • Maintain systems in production
  • Interacting with the Product Team to gather UX requirements


  • 8+ years of software engineering experience
  • Solid experience with React
  • Previous experience with GraphQL
  • Some Tech Lead experience
  • Experience Working in an agile environment

If you are more of a fullstack engineer, the backedn is built in Rust, Previous Rust experience is not required but you are welcome to contribute on the backend too.

Why you should join LootRush

We make crypto gaming accessible. We do this by providing low-cost solutions for in-game NFTs and by eliminating the technical knowledge required to enter crypto gaming.

LootRush was founded in Y-Combinator's Summer 2021 cohort to solve the inaccessibility of crypto gaming. Crypto games often require the purchase of expensive NFTs and technically crypto knowledge to play. We remove these hurdles.

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Location:San Francisco
Anderson Ferminiano
Anderson Ferminiano