Enabling birth & postpartum doulas to easily accept Medicaid

Loula is a software platform and national provider network for independent birth & postpartum doulas who accept Medicaid/Medi-Cal. Doulas typically operate outside of the traditional healthcare system and face an enormous learning curve and administrative burden when trying to accept insurance. This is why we created Loula. Starting with doulas in California, Loula handles their credentialing, contracting, and revenue cycle management so that they can focus on delivering the best quality care to their clients.

Team Size:2
Location:New York
Group Partner:Michael Seibel

Active Founders

Lindsey Redd

CEO @ Onu I'm a Brooklyn-based software engineer obsessed with helping engineering and operations teams work better together. Prior to starting Onu, I studied CS at Stanford and was a software engineer at Lyft working on dev infra and at Stripe working on checkout/payment links. I saw first hand how dev tooling made not only engineers, but entire organizations, 100x more productive. When I'm not working on Onu, I'm throwing pottery, riding my bike, watching tv, or decorating my apartment.

Lindsey Redd
Lindsey Redd

Company Launches

tl;dr: Onu is a developer-first tool that allows engineers to turn the repetitive scripts and workflows they're asked to run for their ops or CX teammates into production-ready internal tools. Onu doesn’t require any frontend work at all, so developers can spend their time writing business critical code instead of building or dragging/dropping frontend components. Sign up for our waitlist for early access!

Hi everyone! We’re Lindsey and Chine, and we’re excited to announce Onu!

Chine and Lindsey are both software engineers who met 5 years ago when they started working at Lyft.

Chine worked as an engineer at Bain before working at Lyft on the bikes & scooters team. After Lyft, Chine went to Stripe where she worked on banking-as-a-service, corporate cards, and payment links.

Lindsey worked on developer infrastructure and observability at Lyft before leaving to work at Stripe where she worked on low-code/no-code payments on the checkout and payment links teams.

😢 Problem

  • Tasks that involve both engineering and ops/CX are disjointed and time consuming. Engineers spend too much time writing and running one-off scripts (e.g. fixing an out-of-sync user account) and ops/CX are often blocked by engineering.
  • Building internal tools (even with low-code/no-code saas) takes a lot of frontend work. As a result, building the tool stays in the backlog and engineers & ops keep schlepping through tasks.

🥳 Our solution

Onu is a developer-first tool that allows engineers to quickly turn their ops/CX-related scripts or workflows into production-ready internal tools without having to write any frontend code at all.

  • Spin up internal tools quickly using the scripts you’ve already written, spending zero time on frontend development.
  • See logs of each task’s previous executions to keep track of when it was run, who ran it, and the result
  • Run scripts in your own environment but without having to SSH into production
  • Use built-in integrations to easily add actions to your tasks like posting to Slack, sending an email, or generating a Linear issue

🤯 You can use Onu to…

  • Onboard new users to your product and then send them a welcome email
  • Cancel a subscription, refund the customer, and then update your CRM
  • Fix an out-of-sync user account and then notify a Slack channel of the fix

🌱 Why we built Onu

We experienced these problems firsthand while working on fast moving engineering teams at Lyft and Stripe. Our teams needed internal tooling, but we didn’t have time to build feature-rich admin dashboards. Stripe had a homegrown tool that allowed engineers to spin up internal tools without writing frontend code. When we started working on Onu with a different idea we immediately felt the pain of not having a similar tool.

🙌🏾 Asks

  • Sign up - Join our waitlist for early access! We’ll reach out with sign up instructions.

  • Intros - Do you know an engineer, customer experience/ops lead, or startup founder struggling to manage the workload between ops and engineering? We’d love an introduction. Shoot us an email at founders@joinonu.com or DM Lindsey on Twitter @reddyourmind if you have someone in mind.

    *forwardable blurb: Lindsey, and Chine, a team of ex-Stripe software engineers, are building a developer tool called Onu (YC W23) to turn scripts and workflows executed for ops and CX teams into internal tools, zero frontend work required. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to email them at founders@joinonu.com.

⚒️ Offer

  • If you have any manual or repetitive tasks or scripts, we will migrate them onto Onu for you. You'll have a production-ready internal tool with minimal work.
  • We’ll prioritize the integrations (e.g. Linear, Discord, email) you need in order to make Onu a powerful addition to your toolkit.