Capture, create, & share gaming moments (TikTok for the virtual world)

Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Lowkey

$150k - $170k
San Francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Jesse Zhang
Jesse Zhang

About the role

Hiring talented engineers who like games! We have a strong close-knit team of engineers and designers, and just raised our Series A from a16z.

Why you should join Lowkey

Lowkey is a cross-platform app that lets you capture moments from games (e.g. funny plays in Among Us, memorable kills in Valorant, etc) and share them with friends.

We're building for the virtual world what things like TikTok/Snapchat did for real-world moments, by creating a new form of communication around short video clips.

We have a close-knit, strong technical team with a sharp focus on beautiful/elegant design, which is an identity we're striving to solidify as we add our next few core team members.

At the beginning of 2021, we raised a sizable Series A from Andreessen Horowitz but the team is still tiny, which puts us in a unique and exciting position. If that excites you, please reach out!