We make multi-click processes one click for CX teams.

Jobs at Luminai

San Francisco, CA
$140k - $200k
3+ years
San Francisco, CA
$130k - $160k
6+ years

Why you should join Luminai

High growth, fast-paced organizations are constantly and continuously deploying new products, solutions and features - which in turn creates new and complex processes for downstream teams including customer support. These teams become stressed, stretched too thin, and less efficient. Common problems, as simple as performing a refund, often require multi-platform touch points for team members which is frequently solved manually in a very repetitive manner. DigitalBrain creates unparalleled efficiencies in how resolutions are achieved by serving as an enterprise OS connecting multiple platforms that people use, which significantly improves team member happiness and end customer experience.

We've raised over ~20M (unannounced) from top-tier investors in Silicon Valley.

Team Size:18
Location:San Francisco
Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran
Kesava Kirupa Dinakaran