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Software Developer - Frontend

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6+ years
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Jason Kraft
Jason Kraft

About the role

MagicBus is on a mission to liberate people from painful commutes by making it simple to join vanpools.

We're hiring Software Engineers for frontend, backend, and full stack.

These are remote-only roles. We believe in minimizing commute time and giving our teammates the freedom to work productively from anywhere.

General background

Shipping projects end-to-end.

Work with QA to ensure tight features and bug fixes.

Knows how to self prioritize with minimal supervision while working on a project.

Attentive to details but doesn’t get bogged down in them.

Knows when to seek clarification, ask questions, and raise issues to the team.

Background - Frontend

Can build interactive, contextual map UI (i.e. with Mapbox, Google Maps, Leaflet).

Why you should join MagicBus

Our mission is to take cars off the road by making it safe and easy to vanpool in the post Covid world.

A vanpool is a group of people who commute together, usually in a shared van. It’s an excellent, cost effective way to commute, used by hundreds of thousands of Americans, but the industry is largely offline. It’s difficult to find, join, and start vanpools.

We build software that fixes this, making vanpooling simple and flexible. We believe that in a post Covid world, it will be more important than ever to rethink shared transportation and make it more adaptive.

Our customers are organizations like transit agencies and employers who have existing vanpool fleets. We provide these customers with our SaaS platform that manages their vanpool programs. We capture real time information about open seats, then make those seats available to book through our app. We also make it easy for people to crowdsource and start new vanpools.

Team Size:18
Location:Los Angeles, CA
Jason Kraft
Jason Kraft
Chris Upjohn
Chris Upjohn