Markaz Technologies

Markaz Technologies

Reselling marketplace for social media entrepreneurs in Pakistan

We enable WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram-based micro-entrepreneurs to source wholesale products from across Pakistan. Our marketplace enables these micro-entrepreneurs to start their business without any investment while we facilitate them by offering their customers a great experience. We do this by taking care of their delivery operations, payments, and customer services. Pakistan is one of the youngest populations globally and is expected to become the 7th largest consumer market by 2030. Our vision is empowering 5 M + people, especially women, to start their businesses while working from home and supercharging the eCommerce rails of Pakistan.

Markaz Technologies
Team Size:55
Location:Islamabad, Pakistan

Active Founders

Shoaib Khan

Solving problems in the developing world through building products for masses!

Umair Aslam

12+ years of hardcore PLG experience. Have worked on leading Fintech products of Pakistan and Myanmar. Love to work on products that create real impact and disrupt how societies work.

Sameel Hayat

Co-Founder, Operations at Markaz Technologies.

Fawad Hussain

Fawad is a hands-on technologist and an entrepreneur with 12+ years of multi-continent experience in development and architecture of modern IT solutions. He has helped some of the major Telecommunication operators across south and southeast Asia regions in accelerating their digital journey and adoption of cloud technology. He has a dream to put Pakistan on the map for highly skilled technology experts and in achieving this goal, he has been an active contributor in the local tech communities.