Your AI butler, like Jarvis.

Founding Full-Stack Engineer

$100K - $160K / 0.20% - 2.00%
San Francisco, CA, US
Job Type
Any (new grads ok)
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Dawson Chen
Dawson Chen

About the role

Our Team:

We are currently just a small team of college dropouts living in Dogpatch, SF. Our culture is fun and casual (we play tennis every weekend), but we come into work with extreme urgency and intensity every morning. We work very long hours, and everyone on the team has the product as the top idea in their mind at all times. Our product development cycles are every week, so we ship extremely fast.

The kind of person we’re looking for:

We’re looking for a founding engineer to help us build a revolutionary consumer product. Our sights are set on an incredibly ambitious mission of building a true personal AI. This means many technical challenges we face along the way are totally unsolved in the industry, and often unpredictable. You need to be able to become the world’s expert in several new AI problems.

We are also looking for someone who can mold themselves into who the company needs. This means no task is beneath you. Our engineers can always talk to users or pick up a customer support ticket when needed. You should enjoy every part of the adventure that is working at a startup!

Skills we’re looking for:

  • You’ve been coding for 5+ years, on a variety of hard technical problems
  • You have experience building a FastAPI server, ideally with WebSocket and/or WebRTC protocols
  • You have worked with embeddings, RAG, and tool calls before
  • You should be able to shock us with a difficult project you’ve built from scratch

Examples of technical problems you’ll be working on:

  • Creating long term memory for AI butler
  • Programming an algorithm to determine proactive actions the butler can take
  • Making an LLM precisely picks between 30 tool calls, with the right parameters

If you are a generalist full-stack engineer, who can tackle any technical problem, and wants to have a shot at taking over the world with us, let’s chat!

About Martin

Martin is an AI butler, like Jarvis.

You can text Martin, email Martin, or speak to Martin in our iOS app, and Martin helps primarily with scheduling and communications. For example, have a 10 minute standup with Martin every morning, and he can brief you on your to-dos, plan your day with reminders and calendar events, and start text conversations with contacts on your behalf.

Unlike Siri and Alexa, which are voice interfaces that help you use your phone faster, Martin's mission is to become a capable butler who builds a personal relationship with you over time and gets to know what matters most. Like Tom Hagen for Don Corleone, or Jarvis for Iron Man, he's understanding, charming, and always by your side.

Team Size:3
Dawson Chen
Dawson Chen