Mason is the fastest way to take smart devices from idea to end user

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Why you should join Mason

Mason provides the only fully managed infrastructure for developing and delivering dedicated devices. Whether building a single-use device from scratch or scaling a line of smart products, Mason is the fastest way to take smart devices from idea to end user without reinventing the wheel.

DEI AT MASON A diverse workforce with a broad range of perspectives fosters an environment of trust, collaboration, and innovation. And those effects reach all the way to our customers.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY Psychological safety is feeling comfortable enough to take risks and feel vulnerable in front of your team members and peers. When we strive to foster an environment of safety, belonging, equity and diversity it nurtures our innovation and brings us closer to our vision. We are constantly working toward being a better workplace that positively impacts the communities our team members and partners call home.

EQUITABLE OPPORTUNITIES To keep our values aligned with our behavior and organizational structure we aim to eliminate barriers, then strategically create and reinforce positive practices to produce equitable opportunities and empower every Mason, especially those from underrepresented communities. We cannot possibly build smart and sustainable products without diverse and inclusive teams.

BE SEEN, VALIDATED, AND WELCOMED Belonging, psychological safety, and inclusivity unlock a Mason’s full potential. We don’t want Masons to quietly assimilate into a dominant culture and sacrifice a piece of themselves. We want our team members to be seen, validated, and welcomed. Although we still have a long way to go, when we engage with our team members and listen to their unique stories, we benefit.

We're post-series A, profitable, growing, and have LOTS to build! Check out our website for all open jobs:

Team Size:65
Location:Seattle, WA
Jim Xiao
Jim Xiao