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Senior Developer at MedMe Health

$100k - $150k / 0.10% - 1.00%
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3+ years
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Nicholas Hui
Nicholas Hui

About the role

👩🏻‍⚕️About Us

Welcome! - Rui, Nick, & Purya

We're building the OS for pharmacies of the future.

As selling drugs becomes automated & less profitable while healthcare costs skyrocket, we believe that pharmacies will transform from stores selling drugs to community health hubs — where anyone can get accessible, quality, and proactive care. And we want to be the technology backbone to accelerate this transformation.

Our web-based platform has already been used by 7M+ patients coast-to-coast, and we serve 1600+ pharmacies of all sizes. COVID-19 has sped-up legislations and created immediate demand for our platform, and we are currently helping people get their COVID-19 vaccine — safely and accessibly.

As a team of pharmacists, product designers, & health systems experts, our mission is to create the first, all-in-one cloud-based platform that empowers pharmacists to deliver clinical services***** at scale. If you're passionate about creating impact, building inclusive products that users love, and working with a mission-driven team, let's talk!

*These are services like giving vaccines (flu/covid), prescribing medications, point-of-care testing, and managing chronic diseases. Read more about pharmacists scope of practice here!

💊Why Join MedMe?

We are a small and mighty multi-disciplinary team with past lives in data science, policy/social innovation, finance, consulting, kinesiology, and aerodesign. Fundamentally, we are all passionate about transforming healthcare by leveraging the untapped potential of pharmacists.

More than anything, we look for humble individuals with a boundless appetite for learning, knack for empathy, and tenacious work ethic.

Mentorship and iterative growth are vital to us and we have a constant rotation of students across all disciplines (PharmD/MBA/Eng).

Every feature we ship directly supports the fight against COVID-19 — this is a defining opportunity to positively impact millions of people.

Key Responsibilities

We’re hiring a senior developer to work full stack on Canada’s leading cloud-based clinical service management platform for pharmacies. Our web app allows patients to easily book services like vaccines and connect with their pharmacists virtually, while empowering pharmacists with digital tools to deliver these services at scale. Your work will have a direct impact on millions of Canadians coast-to-coast.

You’ll be working remotely with our lean and agile development team. Daily work will involve collaborating with the Head of Engineering on key technology decisions to shape architecture and product roadmap, as well as sharing your depth and breadth of knowledge with the team through mentorship and collaboration. Ideally you’ll have experience building web applications - we use React and Java with GraphQL and a Postgres database on AWS infrastructure. If you have experience with this (or a similar stack), we’d love to hear from you. We deeply believe that nobody starts a role as an expert. We’re looking for motivated, driven individuals who love propelling technology and teams forward, not just someone who has a perfect match for our tech stack.

At MedMe we are revolutionizing the role of pharmacists in healthcare. As a senior developer working at MedMe, some example projects you could expect to work on include:

  • Creating new patient and pharmacist flows (eg. intakes, modules, features) to meet the needs of both our national enterprises and mom-and-pop pharmacy partners
  • Responding to urgent COVID-19 feature requirements balancing process, platform stability, and the urgency required. Our pharmacists serve on the frontlines of the pandemic and every feature shipped is deeply impactful to their patients and practice
  • Working with 3rd party digital health platforms (eg. archaic EHRs/pharmacy software, remote monitoring devices) to facilitate integration and data interoperability that allows pharmacists to deliver more personalized, proactive care

MedMe may be a good fit if you...

At a high level, we’re after individuals who have an appetite for growth both personally and for the projects they head up. We’re a passionate startup team with a tenacious work ethic and we rely on each other to succeed. We expect you to carry the torch of tenacity and resilience as a senior team member.

We have a start-up culture where we stay on our toes ready to pivot to support new vaccine rollouts, legislation changes, or just better product ideas. We’re looking for candidates who share this entrepreneurial spirit and are comfortable leading within ambiguity. A key to making this culture work is clear and open communication. Every team member cares about feedback, enjoys collaboration, and communicates clearly and effectively.

Typically, a senior member on our team will have five or more years of experience in the industry. For us it’s less about the number of years and more about what you’ve been doing. We would love to hear about your past experiences architecting systems or shaping the direction of a product.


We pay senior developers 100-150k and equity from 0.1% to 1% depending on experience and impact. We provide a flexible health benefit plan to all employees as well as professional development support.

Why you should join MedMe Health

Hi! We're MedMe Health; we help pharmacies move beyond selling drugs.

Our web-based patient care platform allows pharmacists for the first time to schedule, conduct, and document both virtual and on-site clinical services amidst a fast changing pharmacy industry. We're building the operating system for the pharmacies of the future, as they shift from drug stores to community health hubs.