Network of doctors helping each other treat cancer

Senior Backend Engineer / Manager for Mission Oriented Healthcare Company at Mednet

$150k - $225k / 0.10% - 0.25%
New york, NY / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Nadine Housri
Nadine Housri

About the role


theMednet is like StackOverflow for doctors. Specifically, we are a question and answer platform where the 80% of all doctors who don't practice at a research institution can get answers to their questions from experts at top universities. We are solving a huge problem in medicine where the best information on how to treat patients is not being shared with most doctors.

We started with a focus on Cancer doctors and are now the most used digital platform in Oncology with over 62% of Oncologists reporting that they use theMednet. Our business model focuses on market research and we are growing revenue at over 300%. Our long term goal is to be the Google of medicine where doctors can find the answer to any question they have.

Job Description

We are looking for a backend engineer with strong analysis skills to join our team. You will be employee #10 and work closely with our CEO, full stack engineer, and head of commercialization . You will be responsible for ingesting and structuring medical data in a usable way and writing APIs that connect to our backed and provide data to internal and external clients. Your first project will be to create a detailed profile of every doctor in the US from multiple sources of data.


  • Senior Backend engineer experienced in working with data
  • Driven by a mission to build something that will improve medicine
  • 4+ years experience and history of shipping product (at least 2 of those years at a funded startup)
  • A high level thinker who likes to understand the business and user needs behind the technology they are building.

Job Requirements

  • Strong knowledge of SQL and relational database design
  • Strong experience with performance and security optimizations for queries
  • Experience in database normalization
  • Experience working with and building APIs and Restful APIs
  • Experience with deploying and managing to cloud ecosystems (AWS, Google, etc)
  • Experience working with backend languages (Python/Perl)
  • Other experience preferred but not required
    • Experience working with Medical Claims data
    • Experience with recommendation systems
    • Experience working with Data Science team
    • React, HTML, CSS
    • Familiarity with data processing libraries (Pandas, NumPy, etc)

Why you should join Mednet

theMednet connects the world’s leading cancer experts with the most innovative technology to share insights that improve cancer care for patients across the country. Our mission is to build the largest and most up to date knowledge base for medicine, so that physicians everywhere have the information they need to deliver the best possible care to their patients. theMednet was featured in Inc. Magazine as one of the companies changing the future of medicine.