First IoT reliability platform for debugging, monitoring, OTA updates

Embedded Linux Solution Engineer

$100K - $170K
New York, NY / Boston, MA, US / San Francisco, CA, US / Remote (San Francisco, CA, US; Boston, MA, US; New York, NY, US)
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3+ years
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About the role

Memfault is seeking an embedded software engineer to join as an Embedded Linux Solutions Engineer and co-lead the development of our embedded Linux SDK written in Rust. You’ll also be working with cutting-edge hardware companies as they integrate Memfault for the first time or add support for newly built features.

Your Role

  • Work with Memfault's customer success and product teams to improve our Linux SDK. The goal for the SDK is to get it to work on every major embedded Linux distribution across a wide variety of IoT devices.
  • Engage directly with firmware engineers at cutting-edge hardware companies and work together to overcome issues integrating the Memfault platform.
  • Build out and improve reference examples and SDK documentation.
  • Contribute to the growing suite of unit, automated, and emulator tests to ensure that improvements work reliably and regressions don’t slip into production.
  • Ship code early and often to customers. You’ll begin to constantly notice devices that are running your code out in the wild!
  • Work on an amazingly deep stack: firmware, operating systems, mobile, web.
  • Have a major impact on our product, our infrastructure, our culture and our business.

Why you may be a fit

  • You love teaching and solving problems, and want to have a major impact on our product, business, and our culture.
  • You have 3+ years of experience Rust/C/C++ code that runs on embedded Linux devices, typically on Arm CPUs.
  • You are well-versed in Yocto or buildroot.
  • You are passionate about modern developer practices, such as automated software testing and CI/CD.
  • You are a great communicator, both conversationally and in written form. You can demonstrate credibility to technical buyers and articulate value to business stakeholders.
  • You are organized and efficiently manage your time and priorities.
  • You are caring and kind: other people do better when they work with you.

Even better if you have

  • Experience with developing firmware on MCUs or Android.
  • Experience with Python and/or SQL.
  • Excitement around up-leveling your communication and sales skills (two of life's most important skills).

Who you'll work with

We offer full benefits (health, vision, dental, 401k), unlimited PTO, and competitive pay and equity packages.

We want you (yes, you!) to apply

Research shows that candidates from underrepresented backgrounds often don't apply for roles if they don't meet all the criteria — unlike majority candidates meeting significantly fewer requirements.

We strongly encourage you to apply if you’re interested: we’d love to know how you can amplify our team with your unique experience!

About Memfault

Memfault is the first IoT reliability platform that empowers teams to build more robust devices at scale. Today hardware teams have little insight into how their products are performing, and what issues are driving the majority of field failures, with Memfault they can operate with the same speed and agility as software organizations. Companies such as Logitech, Bose, Whoop, and Verkada use Memfault’s performance monitoring, device debugging, and OTA update capabilities to ship fast and build high quality products. Memfault was founded by veterans of Pebble, Fitbit, and Oculus, and is backed by fantastic investors such as YCombinator and Uncork Capital.

About the interview

You can find out about our hiring process on our Notion page linked below:

In short:

  • Hiring manager call (with me!)
  • Skill screen phone interview
  • Take home exercise (everyone hired at Memfault does a take home)
  • A half day"on-site", usually virtual over Zoom since our team is spread out
  • Reference check
  • Offer
  • Hired at Memfault!

We can run through this relatively quickly as we're still a small company and this is a key hire for us.

About Memfault

Memfault is the first observability platform for hardware. We are a YC and Uncork Capital-backed developer tool built by veterans of Fitbit, Oculus, and Pebble

We started with error reporting. Imagine having to talk to your customers on the phone to get details on bugs they encounter on your website or in your mobile app? That's still the state of the art for hardware.

This is a big and growing problem. Connected devices are everywhere: there are more of them than cellphones, laptops, and tablets combined. Increasingly, they are running complex software to leverage machine learning and computer vision at the edge. The current state of tools is untenable in the face of growth in both numbers and complexity.

Come work with us to bring an entire category into the 21st century, and redefine how millions of engineers build their products.

Team Size:50
Location:San Francisco
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François Baldassari
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Christopher Coleman
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