Single source of truth for all business metrics

Founding Product Engineer at Metlo

San Francisco, CA / Remote
Job Type
3+ years
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Akshay Shekhawat
Akshay Shekhawat

About the role

Why join us

You should talk to Shri and Akshay. They will convince you! 😃

What you’ll do

As a Founding Product Engineer:

  • You'll be working across the entire Metlo stack creating and maintaining entire new products, features, and building tools to help scale Metlo
  • You'll have the opportunity to learn and push the frontier of providing the best data tooling experience to help companies make better decisions
  • You'll have to talk to our customers closely and frequently to collect, process, and incorporate their feedback into product improvements
  • You'll be metric and data-driven and think creatively to help Metlo grow and prepare for new markets we are about to enter
  • You'll take on a lot of responsibility and be challenged to do more every single day
  • You'll hire, mentor, and grow new Engineers at Metlo and shape our Engineering culture in large part


  • Work with the team and our customers to build new features and products
  • Design and implement experiments to improve our customer’s experiences
  • Own problems end-to-end, thinking through everything from user experience, data models, scalability, operability and ongoing metrics


  • Experience architecting, developing, and testing products end to end
  • Experience with Javascript and Python
  • Uphold our high engineering standards
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • History of excellent performance
    • We truly don't care about what school you went to or the company you last worked at. We do, however, care deeply about a history of excellence in 1 or 2 things you've done before
  • Extremely strong work ethic and big ambition

Bonus points

  • Experience going from 0 → 1 and 1 → 100 in a startup environment
  • Experience with OLAP Databases (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake)
  • Basic experience with design tools
  • Great writing skills

Why you should join Metlo

At Metlo, our mission is to empower organizations around the world to make data-driven decisions confidently. This means that if we're successful, Metlo will be the single platform customers use to operationalize data.

The first step on our path is building a 'metric store' — the single source of truth repository for all business metrics in a company. Metlo's metric store platform lets companies create, store and govern all their business metrics in one place so they can then use them in all their tools of choice, simply by name.

While we believe that the opportunity to build a world-class, market-leading metric store is truly massive, it's still very much the first step on our way. In order to truly accomplish our mission, we will have to solve many more problems for customers in a very short period of time. That's why we're looking for you to come join us on this journey!

We're backed by top-tier Venture Capitalists, Y Combinator, and Angel Investors including several Data and Engineering leaders at Uber, Facebook, Twitter and Coinbase. We're a small team of young, hungry, impatient, and determined people laser focused on impact.